From bar stools to greener pastures- Erin resident

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From bar stools to greener pastures: Erin resident finds career change amid COVID-19 - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Many people have found themselves having to pivot as COVID-19 did a number on the economy.

Liz Guerrier found herself changing careers, closing down a pub she owned in Toronto before establishing an agri-business in ErinMore than a quarter of Canadians.

“Be open to opportunities even though they may be different from what you had envisioned,” said Guerrier, co-owner of Coyote Song Farm and Forest. “I think that can open some possibilities.”

She owned Dave’s… on Stcovid_19_vaccination_in_canada. Clair for 10 years before it closed. She held mic nightscoroner says, live music and trivia. It was a mom-and-pop pizzeria before she turned it into a pubThe city of Ruili, which borders on Myanmar..

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