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The deceased's brother and sister-in-law sat in front of Gao Hu's house, bowed their heads and wiped their tears

yesterday morning, in the Guanzhu garden villa area of Shibalidian, Chaoyang District, a wreath was placed at the door of Gao Hu's house (who once played the role of bamboo in the eight part of the dragon and played the green faced beast Yang Zhi in the new water margin). Two women and children sat in front of the door and said they wanted to discuss for the dead Chen huting. It is understood that on March 25, Chen huting was accidentally electrocuted during the construction of Gaohu villa

family members of men who died of electric shock seek compensation

Guanzhu garden is a townhouse community, located in the southwest corner of Shibalidian bridge. At 10 a.m. yesterday, in front of a villa on the south side of the community, two women and three children with bedding sat on the ground crying. There was a wreath next to it, and a piece of white cloth was pulled up, which read “ Pay tribute to Chen huting &rdquo

in hezhai village, baiheji Township, Linzhang County, Handan, Hebei Province, women, children and Chen huting all come from this place. The woman sitting on the ground said that she was Chen huting's wife. On March 25, Chen huting touched the buried cable and died while working on the villa; The three children are her and Chen huting's children, and this villa is the home of actor Gao Hu

“ He has been dead for 10 days, and there is no explanation. He is still in the funeral home in the eastern suburbs. People can't settle down without saying& rdquo; Another woman in front of the door claimed to be the deceased's sister-in-law. She said that Chen huting was the pillar of the family and hoped to get compensation. Beige walls, bronze windows, scaffolding outside the antique villa, and abandoned bricks and tiles piled at the door, but the project has stopped


actor Gao Hu (2/6)

the property said that the Gao Hu family project was illegal

in response to this matter, Mr. Zhang, a neighbor, said that the villa was the home of actor Gao Hu. A few days ago, a worker was electrocuted and died, and the police also came to investigate the scene

the relevant person in charge of the community property confirmed that the resident was Gao Hu, who played Xu Zhu and Yang Zhi. On March 25, the property contacted Gao Hu after the worker was electrocuted. At that time, he was filming in other places and had returned to Beijing these days

yesterday, Gao Hu's mother was at home with a man. The reporter knocked on the door and asked. The man said that there was nothing wrong, but the other party did not answer the question of where Gao Hu was currently. The man told the people sitting in front of the door to go through the judicial process

the front and back of Gaohu villa are under construction, with a garage built in the front and a basement excavated in the back. Chen huting has participated in these projects. The person in charge of the property said that in addition to Gao Hu, some people privately built and disorderly built these projects, which are illegal operations, because this has changed the main structure of the house, and the property resolutely stopped it, but the owner did not cooperate, so he could only sign a contract with the owner, and the owner was responsible


Gao Hu once played the role of a virtual bamboo (3/6 pieces) in the eight departments of the dragon.

the project was not negotiated smoothly without contract.

Chen huting did not directly contact Gao Hu, nor was he subordinate to any construction team. The project of Gao Hu's family was taken over by his hometown chenchenglin& ldquo; Chen huting and I have been doing this. I have a job to call him, and he has a job to call me; I am responsible for purchasing materials, and he is responsible for construction technology. There is no contract for all projects, which is verbal& rdquo; Chen Chenglin said that he had done several jobs in Guanzhu garden in recent years. Gao Hu's mother contacted him first in December last year, and then Gao Hu came forward to explain the specific construction details and price. Then Gao Hu transferred the money he bought materials to him through the bank

According to Chen Chenglin, Gao Hu was filming in Shenzhen at the time of the incident. On April 1, Gao Hu returned to Beijing to meet with him and discuss the aftermath of Chen huting& ldquo; He meant to bury the people back in Hebei first. He would give some money out of humanity, but he was not responsible, because he didn't find the people& rdquo; At noon yesterday, Chen Chenglin repeatedly called Gaohu, but no one answered

“ Chen huting was electrocuted by an underground cable, which was later modified& rdquo; Chen Chenglin recalled that at that time, Chen huting was smashing steel bars. The steel bars poked into the underground cable, causing him to get an electric shock. After rescue, Chen huting died. The cable was only buried less than 20 cm underground, which was later transformed. The relevant person in charge of the property Engineering Department said he did not know about it


Gao Hu once played a part of the bamboo in the eight dragons (4/6)

the deceased




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