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Partners in the wood door industry should be very familiar with solid wood products, especially solid wood doors or whole wood whole house customization! There are many partners who want to open or have already opened a wooden door store. In comparison, the later operation is more important than the store itself! Often poor management will lead to performance decline, or even close the door. Therefore, the later operation of Mumen franchise store is a problem that cannot be ignored. Here, as one of the top 30 enterprises in China, tree life wooden door provides some tips for all wooden door franchisees for a simple reference:

control of the overall market

1. Business opportunities

at present, whether it is the overall economic level in China or the development of the wooden door industry, the needs of customers are becoming more and more diversified, and many products and concepts in the market are easy to be disconnected from consumers. This requires each wooden door franchise agent to have a keen insight into the regional characteristics, be able to grasp the market trend in time, grasp the business opportunities according to the overall consumption trend, and make every effort to market

2 Location

as the terminal display and sales of wooden doors and whole wood products, a natural advantage can not be ignored, that is, the location of the store! A good position can provide great help and even decisive factors for sales success. Therefore, when selecting the site, we must carefully study the flow of people in the overall area. No traffic, no business

3. Consumer groups

whether any product, including wooden doors, or ultimately the crowd, is consuming, so we should pay great attention to the thoughts and dynamics of consumers, and what their preferences and requirements are. Only by fully grasping the dynamics of consumers, can we better increase competitiveness in the market and achieve hot sales of products

decoration and management of the store itself

the product quality of the wooden door franchise store is the first, but the decoration of the store should also be paid attention to. The decoration style and product positioning of the store directly determine your group and level. The storefront must be novel and unique, with its own unique decoration style. From the facade decoration, indoor furnishings, reception area, image wall to the negotiation area, the whole must be unified and coordinated, reflecting a three-dimensional style and cultural atmosphere, so as to better attract customers. Here we emphasize three points, which are common problems in some stores:

1. The manufacturer's management is not in place: the manufacturer does not design the exclusive store in a unified standard, or the implementation is unfavorable. The dealers do not implement the requirements of the manufacturer. The dealers themselves, according to their experience and preferences, copy the store of others and then modify it according to their personal preferences, imitate the design of other brands, and decorate their own store names. This situation accounts for the majority

2. Poor store atmosphere: the poor atmosphere of most door stores is one of the main reasons for poor terminal sales. The overall design image of the exclusive store is flat, and there is no sales atmosphere. The internal light, cleanliness, the mental state of the salesperson, and the warm promotion atmosphere of the store are not in place. What is passed on to consumers is negative information. Just look at it first and go to another house

3. Lack of process design in the store: in the actual customer reception process, the store guide cannot borrow the effect of the store design, and design the customer reception process specifically to improve the customer transaction rate. The store design can not bring positive or even negative effects to the customer transaction. Everything about store decoration is to create a good influence. You will never have a second chance to create a good "first impression"

perfect system and support of powerful brand manufacturers

wooden door franchise stores are often self-employed, which have been established through hard work and often do not have a professional and mature operation and sales system. This requires manufacturers to provide more effective marketing ideas that are more in line with the consumption level of the local market and help franchise stores operate step by step. Therefore, the strong support of the headquarters is also an important part of wooden door franchise stores

of course, these are some basic reference standards. A store needs a lot of cooperation to be prosperous. As a well-known brand in China, tree life has invested a lot in attracting investment and joining. It has copied the successful store experience model, and has regular training of professional marketing teams. According to the different conditions of each franchisee, it has developed a separate marketing plan and activities, including the after-sales maintenance in the later stage. So if you want to be a partner of Mumen, you can consult us at any time and look forward to working with you for a win-win situation




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