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In recent years, there are many problems about the quality of fine decoration of residential buildings. Especially after the unfortunate incident that a marble fireplace hit a girl and killed her in a villa project in the suburbs not long ago, the problem of residential fine decoration has attracted much attention: who will ensure the construction quality of fine decoration

while the quality of hardbound repair has been questioned, relevant departments and many experts are calling for promoting the full hardbound repair market of residential buildings. It is unavoidable that this kind of motion also needs to answer the question "who will guarantee the quality of fine decoration"

● imagination of all fine decoration of residential buildings:

profession, environmental protection, energy conservation

Gu Yunchang, vice president of China Real Estate Research Association, said in an interview with Guangsha times that since the mid-1990s, the motion to promote all fine decoration of residential buildings has been published for more than ten years

in 1999, the general office of the State Council forwarded the "several opinions on promoting the modernization of the housing industry and improving the quality of housing", which proposed to "strengthen the management of housing decoration, actively promote the one-time or menu decoration mode of decoration, and avoid the destruction of structure, waste and disturbance to residents caused by secondary decoration". In 2002, the Ministry of Construction issued the "measures for the administration of residential interior decoration", followed by the "detailed rules for the implementation of commercial residential decoration in place at one time"

Guyunchang revealed that after the relevant opinions issued by the national competent department, at the beginning of this century, several major cities also said that they would realize all the fine decoration of houses within a certain period of time, but the results were not satisfactory. The reason is that Guyunchang believes that the fine decoration of residential buildings is not a mandatory requirement of government departments, but just suggestions and initiatives, lacking rigid binding force. Fine decoration costs are included in the house price, and developers need to increase tax expenditure. More importantly, in the housing market where demand exceeds supply, both rough houses and fine decoration houses have their own markets, and developers lack the motivation to refine their products; At the same time, the market risk and quality risk of fine decoration are higher

● lack of standards, supervision and acceptance, and the fine decoration encountered real difficulties:

"who will ensure the construction quality of fine decoration?" Mr. Qiu, a reader of Guangsha times, bought a house with fine decoration. As a result, he found that the walls were uneven and the bathroom tiles were sunken when he checked in

before talking about quality assurance, many home buyers are more concerned about what kind of decoration is "fine decoration"? We learned from the interview that the agreement on residential fine decoration appeared as an annex to the house purchase contract. For more than 10 decoration standards involving interior walls, ceilings, floors, etc., it is only agreed to "adopt a certain brand" or "adopt a certain or equivalent brand". "When it comes to 'waiting', there is more room to play tricks." Many buyers have expressed their own experience, "the brands used in the model room of the developer or clearly listed may be very different from the brands actually used in the house."

in addition to being unable to determine the "precision" of materials, the buyer can't grasp the "precision" of Construction: "there are supervisors in the construction of the main building, who will supervise the decoration process?" Some developers also admitted that there was no supervisor present during the fine decoration process. As for the acceptance of decoration, insiders also said that there are no mandatory provisions in this regard. Even if there is acceptance, it is impossible to cover everything. "Many decoration and decoration have no clear standards."

● to transfer the decoration risk, developers have two options

"fine decoration and delivery is a development direction." In the view of Kai Yan, deputy director of the human settlement environment committee of the China real estate and Housing Research Association, the original intention of residential fine decoration sale is no problem. For the decoration style that buyers and developers are worried about, Kaiyan said that the solution is also ready-made - "the general office of the State Council proposed in 1999 that not only the decoration should be in place at one time, but also half of the sentence is' menu decoration '," Kaiyan believed that developers can start in advance and carry out "tailor-made" decoration for buyers

in addition, who will ensure the decoration quality when the professional strength of decoration supervision is insufficient and the supervision company is more or less government colored? Guyunchang believes that a guarantee mechanism can be introduced, in which the developer pays the guarantee fee, and the guarantee company guarantees the construction quality, decoration quality and component supply throughout the process. If something goes wrong, the guarantee company will compensate according to the guarantee agreement. "Beijing Huayuan Group has practice in this regard, and there are few disputes over the guaranteed fine decoration products




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