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Winter is coming. In response to the cooling, people can add clothes. What should we do at home? At this time, you need Wang Li to prevent! Wang Li An Fang, accompany you through every winter. This double 11, take Wang Li security home quickly

"are you wearing autumn pants?"

recently, this sentence has replaced "have you eaten"

as a greeting for relatives and friends

it's just past the cold dew,

I heard that it has snowed in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia

the vast northern areas have been heated

last week, I was still in the sunny sun in the south, and the seasons were like spring.

this week, the whole office was sighing:

why is there no central heating south of the Huaihe River

there is no heating, heating is all on your own

don't you know that everyone is wearing autumn pants

recently, there is a message in the circle of friends,

2018 is a cold winter,

from now on until 2025,

the temperature is colder year by year

it seems that the small partners across the country have been frozen by the sudden cooling down this year

however, the wechat official account of the National Climate Center issued a document to refute the rumor:

the statement that cold winter is very absurd and absurd,

is to attract public attention and create public panic

2018 is not only not a cold winter,

the average temperature in Harbin will rise by 16 ℃


we don't care whether Harbin is heating up,

we only care whether we need to wear warm autumn pants in the half of October

when I get home every night,

close the window and hide in the quilt,

listen to the cold rain beating hard on the window,

listen to the howling cold wind blowing the door squeaking,

feel that thin security door,

fear that has long been dominated by the cold

in response to the cooling, people can add clothes,

what should we do at home

at this time, you need Wang Li to prevent


a burglar proof and warmer safety door

Wang Li safety door adopts the lock body developed by Wang Li,

has a unique gap adjustment function,

it can tighten the door leaf and frame by itself,

no matter how strong the wind is, the safety door cannot make a sound


a sound proof and sealed wooden door

Wang Li's corn wooden door adopts a T-shaped sound proof system,

is equipped with German technology mute hardware,

realizes 360 ° all-round sealing,

sound insulation in all directions is more warm


a smart box that knows the cold and the hot

Wang Li smart home system,

integrates safety doors, lights and curtains on the mobile app through the smart gateway

before you go home,

your home has been warmed up first

Wang Li Anfang is ready to accompany you through this cold winter

are you ready,

in the upcoming double 11,

have you taken Wang Li Anfang home

(source: Wang Lianfang)





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