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When decorating, many people either did not consider the changes in the later stage of the family, or only considered whether the appearance was good-looking, but ignored the later care and maintenance problems, resulting in some inconvenience or inadequacies in life. In order to avoid you repeating the mistakes, Xiaobian interviewed a number of owners and designers, summed up typical decoration regret cases of "focusing on the present", and put forward remedies and suggestions, hoping to make your home decoration less regretful. Reserve space for an ordinary home for the new population

when decorating, many people either did not consider the changes in the later stage of the family, or only considered whether the appearance was good-looking, but ignored the later care and maintenance problems, resulting in some inconvenience or deficiencies in life. In order to avoid you repeating the mistakes, Xiaobian interviewed a number of owners and designers, summed up typical decoration regret cases of "focusing on the present", and put forward remedies and suggestions, hoping to make your home decoration less regretful. Reserve space for the new population

the maintenance cycle of an ordinary family's one-time decoration is usually 5 to 8 years. In such a long period of time, we must take into account the possible changes in the permanent population, especially for young couples who currently have no children, we must leave some space for children and the elderly in advance

[case] Mr. Wu's house is a two bedroom house with an area of 94 square meters. At present, only two young people live in it. During the decoration, in order to create a sweet "world for two", Mr. Wu designed the bedroom outside the master bedroom as a study and guest bedroom. At that time, I thought it was not good-looking to put a bed in the study, so I made a floor in the study, which is usually used as a casual tea house for two people. If guests come, they can make do with an inflatable bed on the floor. But later, it was found that although the inflatable bed did not occupy space, it was too soft, uncomfortable to sleep, and bad for the spine. In addition, Mr. Wu and his wife are ready to have children, and their parents may also come to live together to take care of their children. The current design of the study cannot meet the upcoming needs

[designer comments] take the current mainstream two bedroom apartment as an example. If the owner does not consider having children in recent years, and his parents will not come to live together, he can arrange the two bedrooms as the master bedroom and the study (Studio). If relatives and friends occasionally stay at home, it is recommended to place a folding sofa bed in the study, which is usually an ordinary sofa and can also be used as a bed when people come. If you are considering having children in recent years, parents will also come to help families with children. It is recommended to put a bunk bed in the guest bedroom. The elderly can sleep in the lower bunk when taking care of children. After the children grow up, if there are guests visiting, you can also stay. And generally, the area of a two bedroom room is not too large, and placing a bunk bed is more conducive to saving space

make room for items

"no amount of storage space is enough." CCTV "exchange space" host Wang Xiaoqian said when promoting his new book. Many interviewed owners also expressed similar feelings. Once you live at home, there must be more and more things in your home. For ordinary families with limited area, if you don't leave enough space for the storage of items and don't have enough patience, your home may become a mess

[case] "I didn't expect so much junk!" When Ms. Zhang was decorating, because she thought that too many cabinets at home would be ugly, she basically had no furniture to store except the wardrobe in the bedroom. After more than a year of decoration, Miss Zhang found that there was no place to put the newly added things at home...

[designer comments] in the design stage, the storage function of small houses should be fully considered in the future, and the overall cloakroom or storage room can be designed. When choosing furniture, try to choose some furniture with storage function, such as buying a bed with a bed box when buying a bed, You can put some things you don't often use in it to save wardrobe space. In addition, in addition to the special style requirements, the wardrobe should be customized as much as possible, from the ground to the roof, and you can also make some cabinets in prominent places such as the corner of the balcony to put sundries

make way for new appliances

with the rapid development of science and technology, new household appliances are emerging in endlessly, which not only brings convenience to life, but also puts forward more requirements for the water circuit in the room. If you don't plan and prepare in advance, you may be able to afford it but can't use it, which becomes an "unspeakable pain"

[case] Ms. Huang, who lives in Nancheng, wanted to install a water softener at home because she felt there was more water alkali in the water. After the decoration, she heard from her friend that the water softener could remove water alkali. However, the manufacturer visited her home and told her that the water softener could not be installed because the size of the water softener did not match the size of the cabinet at home

[designer comments] at present, more and more families choose water processors. Water softeners are generally installed at the main water inlet valve, and some water softeners also need power supply. Because the volume of water softeners is relatively large, power sockets and storage space should be reserved before designing cabinets, and the waterway should be completed or the water outlet should be reserved. The same is true of water purifiers. In addition, like installing a home theater, because it requires a lot of wiring, if the design wiring is not carried out before the circuit transformation, it is basically impossible to install in the later stage

before designing water and electricity, think carefully about which appliances you may buy in three or even five years, and how these appliances are used. Prepare more switches and sockets to avoid the phenomenon of wiring boards and open wires flying all over the sky. In addition to the water treatment device installed in the kitchen, some electrical appliances are easy to be ignored: a socket can be left beside the shoe cabinet to insert the shoe dryer; A socket can be left under the cupboard basin to hold kitchen treasures or sewage garbage disposal; A socket can be left in the kitchen to install a gas alarm; More sockets should be reserved in the living room or dining room, and water dispensers and humidifiers can be installed; A socket can be left in the corridor for the installation of vacuum cleaners; The toilet can be equipped with waterproof sockets for hair dryers

reserve a good location for the socket

many owners have determined the location of the socket without considering the cooperation between the socket and the later soft decoration when decorating: first, the location of the power socket is determined by a simple visual inspection, and it is found that the location of the table leg or wardrobe just blocks the location of the power socket when they buy large household appliances such as computers, air conditioners, televisions, etc; Second, the furniture bought back does not match the location of the power supply. Either the location of the power supply is much higher than that of the furniture. Although it is convenient to use, it looks unsightly. Or it is hidden behind the furniture, which is inconvenient to plug and unplug. For the time being, the plugs of many electrical appliances are very long, making the furniture have to be a distance from the wall, which not only occupies space, but also easy to accumulate dust

[case] Ms. Chen began to buy furniture after all the power supplies were installed at home. When she bought the TV cabinet home, she found that the position of the TV cabinet was much lower than that of the power supply. Although it was convenient to plug and unplug the sockets, the sockets and power lines were exposed outside, destroying the sense of unity and coordination of the TV background wall

[designer's comments] before the circuit transformation, we should have a more accurate plane layout plan, consider the location and size of furniture and electrical appliances in advance, and then determine the location of sockets. If you can't determine the size of the furniture, leave it by the wall, preferably within 40cm from the wall, and about 30cm is the most beautiful. In the selection of furniture, you can choose furniture without back board, or open a hole in the back board of furniture and hide the socket on the wall behind it, which is good-looking and easy to use

save energy for cleaning

for furniture, future cleaning and maintenance is a continuous work. If you only consider aesthetic factors and ignore the convenience of care, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to life

[case] Miss Li likes reading very much and made a bookcase of one wall in the study during decoration. In order to pursue the rich sense of bookiness, she chose the black open bookcase like the library. After checking in, she found that as long as she didn't sweep for a day, the bookcase was full of dust, and it took at least 20 minutes to clean the wall full of cabinets, which made her quite depressed

[designer comments] the dust is very large, and the furniture is easy to fall gray. It is recommended to choose wood color, dark color (gray, coffee color) and simple style furniture. For cabinets that often use items, it is recommended to choose the style with glass doors, which can effectively block dust and reduce the difficulty of cleaning

leave an outlet for taste

for buildings, especially high-rise buildings, check valves must be installed in the flue of the kitchen and the exhaust duct of the bathroom. If it is not set up in advance, there may be the problem of back pouring of oil smoke and the smell of smoke in the home

[case] Ms. Chen didn't check the check valve carefully when decorating her home. After the decoration, as long as other people's homes start cooking, their own homes should also use a range hood, otherwise the smell of the house is full, and the toilet also wafts peculiar smell from time to time, which makes Ms. Chen and her family feel very troubled

[designer comments] when installing the range hood, check the check valve left by the developer. If the diameter of the flue outlet and the check valve does not meet the requirements of the installed range hood, it is best to replace it. A check valve should also be installed at the place where the smoke machine is connected to the smoke pipe, and check whether the flap is flexible. When the ceiling is suspended, be sure to leave a small inspection port under the flue check valve to facilitate the cleaning of the check valve. Never turn the elbow of the flue check valve downward. Although the pipe port downward will not connect to the debris upstairs, it will absorb the taste downstairs


if there will be old people and children living in the next few years, try not to set many steps on the ground during decoration to avoid accidents. Do not buy sharp tables, cabinets, televisions, etc. with glass. The handrail gap of the stairs should be closer. Do not use glass and iron stairs. At the same time, do not remove the guardrail of the balcony to ensure the safety of the elderly and children





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