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If you want to create and decorate a good office feng shui, you must know the principles of office decoration Feng Shui, and we can only decorate and decorate the office feng shui according to these principles, so as to effectively create a good feng shui aura and boost our own fortune; So what are the principles of Feng Shui in office design and decoration? Here are the relevant articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

What are the principles of Feng Shui in office design and decoration

What are the top ten principles of Feng Shui in office design and decoration

principle 1

attention should be paid to the impact of office doors, windows, elevators on the flow of office gas, plant colors, murals, and furnishings. Attention should be paid not to peach blossom. The orientation of peach blossom is the most important layout of the office. Eroticism is often the source of disaster for all things

principle 2

if you use an office rented by others, you need to clean the house, repaint it, and choose auspicious days to enter the house

principle 3

the fate of the main leaders of the company is ups and downs, which is often related to the survival of the enterprise. Whether it is for personal or Feng Shui reasons, they should be able, and the weak should be hidden. Sometimes they need indirect investment. You can't decide for yourself

Principle 4

when decorating the office, select the site, go up the mountain and down the water, and never use houses such as double star to sitting to Xiang. Because this is not just personal interests

Principle 5

the position of the main person in charge of the office must be able to have a broad vision and have the momentum to command thousands of troops! Don't let the light on all sides not bright, the vision is not wide, and the images of dreams and songs on all sides

Principle 6

the seat of the main person in charge of the office should be solemn and serious, so that the left Green Dragon and the right white tiger are in front of the rosefinch and the back of the Xuanwu. Without a strong core, no matter how big a company is, it will only become a bloated shell

principle 7

do not press the top of the crossbeam in the office, such as the sky cutting brake, the arrow brake, the bridge brake, and the anti bow brake

principle 8

the office is short of goldfish. The decoration of Feng Shui wheel must be placed in the position of wealth, not in the position of Ding. Otherwise, the office members are prone to disasters, and how can they maintain the survival of the whole enterprise

principle 9

rely on the dark sky flying stars. Money and things such as accounting and safes should be in the prosperous side of the office. The position of personnel and human resource managers should be placed in the side of the mountain and the stars

there are 6 pages in total. The first page is 123456. The next page is principle 10.

the position of the main person in charge of the office should try to conform to his own destiny, mainly the five elements. If there is lack of water, it can face north, and if there is lack of fire, it will face south; If there is no wood, go east; If you lack gold, you face west

uncover the major principles of Feng Shui in office decoration design

avoid sitting behind the door

in office feng shui, avoiding sitting behind the door is the most basic point. The door is the air port of the office, which can absorb anger and evil spirit. If you sit behind the door, there is no support behind the seat, and there is a miscellaneous impact of people coming and going behind you. For a long time, this has a great impact on people in the office, often in a subconscious state of tension, Sometimes I always feel as if someone is watching, resulting in disordered thoughts, wrong decisions, unable to do everything stably, and I always feel restless, and even have poor kidney function, low back pain, villains at work, things wrong, etc. This situation is called "cold wind blows back" in Feng Shui

solution: it is to adjust the position of the desk and change to a position that is not sitting behind the door; However, it is not easy for the office staff to adjust the position of their desks, because many desks are placed because of the needs of work, so we can choose a chair with a back to sit on, so that there is not only a backrest behind, but also to block the impact of miscellaneous air

don't sit near the window of the aisle

the window is an air inlet of the house, but the window with a pedestrian walkway outside the window will not only bring in the coming and going noise, but also the sound of pedestrians' footsteps, noise, and other noises will interfere with your work. If the desk is set under the sidewalk, it is equivalent to placing the desk under some shapes; If you need to study the company's secrets, you will naturally worry that some miscellaneous people will spy. Working on this desk near the window will make you restless

solution: the desk should be as far away from the window as possible. The distance away from the window is that people in the aisle can't see the documents on the desk clearly. At the same time, we should also use curtains, often covering the window with curtains to avoid the shadow of people shaking outside the window from affecting the thinking of workers

avoid having windows behind your seats

now many high-end offices have bright floor to ceiling windows, overlooking the buildings, which makes you feel comfortable. Some people like to place their desks in parallel with the windows, set the seats between the desks and the floor to ceiling windows, and use the windows as backers. The desks placed in this way are also in the wrong position

there are 6 pages in total. The first page is 123456. The next page has a window behind the seat, which is as unavailable as a door behind the seat. The window is the entrance of light and Qi. The theory is the same as avoiding sitting behind the door

solutions: first, adjust the position of the desk; Second, choose a seat with a high back

there is a backer behind the appropriate seat

from the perspective of geomantic omen, the first principle of good geomantic omen is "surrounded by mountains and waters", that is to say, there is a mountain behind to rely on, to prosper people, and there is water in front to surround, to prosper wealth. Therefore, there must be a backer behind the seat to be conducive to the career of workers. The so-called "backer" in the office is a wall. The seat should lean against the wall as much as possible, and it is best not to leave too much space between the wall and the seat

reasonable selection of desks

nowadays, the quality of desks is generally wood-based, but if you use wooden desks for people who are fatalistic to avoid wood, there will be bad things. We can choose a desk that is conducive to our own destiny. If there are few choices in quality, we can make use of and remedy them in terms of color and style

Feng Shui is the most particular about the principles of 'embracing mountains and waters' and' wrapping jade belts around the waist '. This kind of embracing your desk is not only beneficial to yourself and allows some good luck to gather, but also the best thing is that it can melt some evil spirit you face. Therefore, this kind of embracing your desk, you'd better have no colleagues on the opposite side, otherwise it will bring bad luck to colleagues. (Feng Shui)

reveal the principles of Feng Shui in office decoration design

first, the overall planning of office decoration design

1. The position of the company's door is the most critical. The company's overall position is auspicious, but the position of the door is not auspicious. "Two doors of life and death come and go", "it's better to help others build a thousand graves than help others build a door". From these Feng Shui proverbs, we can see the importance of the position of opening the door, and changing the door is also one of the best ways of this transportation. The door should be opened for good luck, followed by evil spirits, five yellows and robbery, and should not be opened in Ding Xingwang. Opening the door to Ding Xingwang is detrimental to personnel. It also includes the planning of the opening position of the manager's office, finance office, etc

2. The office decoration is designed to plan the layout of all directions, and the positions of the chairman's office, general manager's office, finance room, conference room, negotiation room and other staff offices are planned according to the good and bad effects of all directions

there are 6 pages in total, page 1: 123456, page 2: 3. Wangcai WANGDING layout of the office of the chairman and general manager and the finance office. The layout of Wangcai office mainly includes the placement of desks, filing cabinets and drinking fountains. According to the needs and shortcomings of each position, plants, fish tanks, paintings, etc. can also be used to achieve the effect of flourishing, evil and transforming evil

II. Principles of Feng Shui layout in office decoration design

1. "Mingtang" should be large rather than small. The open space in front of the house is called Mingtang. In front of the desk, there is enough space, at least within the scope of conditions, to strive for the largest space. This layout has no sense of oppression, and you feel broad vision and comfortable when you work in an office chair

2. It should be quiet rather than moving. People sitting on the office chair should be quiet and avoid moving behind. It's quiet behind, no one walks around, and there is a sense of stability, stability and safety. It's easy to concentrate on office. At the same time, there should be no windows after sitting. If there is, there is no leaning behind. There is no feeling of leaning against the mountain. It is better to sit on the wall, hang pictures, etc

3. The desk should be placed at the opposite corner of the door: do not rush the door or back the door

4. The layout of the office is symmetrical and balanced, avoiding the strong tiger and the weak dragon. Sitting on the office chair is the observation point, the front left is the Qinglong position, and the front right is the white tiger position. Place filing cabinets, tall objects, flowers and trees, etc., with the same height on the left and right, and avoid being higher on the right than on the left

5. Avoid beam pressure and included angle impact. Avoid the positive pressure of the ceiling beam on the desk, and avoid the pressure head, which is mainly a disaster of blood; The lamp tube is also fierce above the head. The main head has diseases, insomnia, etc. The cross beam pressing table can be solved by ceiling, but it is ultimately inappropriate; The lamp should be placed on the upper left outside the center line of the desk. People sitting on office chairs should avoid shooting at sharp corners such as wall corners and column corners in the office

6. It's better to have a high ceiling in the office. If it's too low, there will be a sense of oppression and bad luck, which will affect the development of business and poor air circulation

7. The supervisor and person in charge of the office must have a backer behind the faucet owner who leaks money

8. The stairs of the office should not face the door, otherwise the gas intake and exhaust will collide, which is detrimental to wealth and health

9. Enter the office gate, and the toilet is next to it. Bad luck

10. It's a terrible thing to have no windows in the office. Because the air can't communicate, it's dead

11. If the desk is facing the toilet door, it will be fumigated by the toilet pollution and will be defeated over time

12. The desk must not be worn or damaged, otherwise it will damage the transportation

13. It is better to use wooden materials for the desk, and the use of iron sheet and steel will affect the magnetic field, which is not good

14. It is better to lean against the wall at one end of the desk, which is relatively stable. It is most forbidden to place the desk obliquely

15. The light in the office should be bright, and the natural sunlight is the best

there are 6 pages in total. Page 1 123456 next page 3. Decoration of office decoration design

the layout of the office should meet the layout principle of prosperity of both people and Finance: mountains should be seen at the prosperous position of mountains (Ding), and water should be seen at the prosperous position of (Finance); The star of robbing money should be collected, and the star of hurting Ding should be killed. This is also the basic principle of office layout

it should be in the direction of the star when it is prosperous and angry; For example, the eight white and nine purple facilities of the Eighth National Games, such as fish tanks, drinking fountains, Feng Shui wheels, Feng Shui balls, and channel openings, are arranged to start the fortune star and achieve the goal of prosperity. It is advisable to place filing cabinets, tall objects, tall trees, etc. in shanxingwang location, and it is better to be quiet for safety and health. Placing higher items in the star position of fortune robbing, and collecting mountains from the star of fortune robbing can also make money prosperous. Leaving a passage or placing dynamic items such as water and air conditioning at the star position of the unlucky star can make the company prosperous and the customers crowded

there are 6 pages in total, the first page is 123456, the next page

the kitchen is one of the most important places in the home, and kitchen Feng Shui is also the key to affecting the whole home feng shui. Here are ten kitchen Feng Shui taboos to popularize. Don't make them if you are optimistic

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 1: the kitchen door is facing the door. This space is easy to form a hall evil, which is the most serious one of the hall evil. Kitchen door to back door, family money inexplicably spend will be very serious. It will also damage the health of women in the family




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