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There is a saying that "a house is like a person", and the style of the house is the style of the owner. This case from Xinbiao Shaoyang franchise store perfectly explains what new Chinese art life is

case file

landmark: Hunan Shaoyang Jiusheng Beihai

customer style: elegant and intellectual, with considerable artistic cultivation, have a special preference for the new Chinese style, and pay great attention to the quality of life at the same time

customization needs: the host is hospitable, and the living room space needs to be expanded. At the same time, the surrounding area of the real estate is a busy urban area, which is noisy. The noise insulation performance of the ordinary 5-cm casement windows uniformly configured by the developers is seriously insufficient

live shooting

customers will replace all the original ordinary 5-cm casement windows, and all use the high-end bridge breaking sound proof windows standard for the wealth class - the new standard Milan sunshine 100 series bridge breaking windows. After check-in, customers are very satisfied with the high-end texture and sound insulation performance of the new standard doors and windows

1. Living room and living room balcony

new standard Milan sunshine 100 series broken bridge windows, arc atmosphere, elegant and gorgeous fluorocarbon gold, perfect match with the new Chinese decoration style

integrate modern fashion and classical art to make the whole room full of poetry and painting

the balcony of the living room adopts the new standard sealed balcony door and window technology to increase the space of the reception hall. The diamond gauze net is more anti-theft and has a higher safety factor besides preventing mosquitoes and insects

2. Kitchen

the kitchen door adopts the new standard Merrill Lynch series sliding door with very high cost performance, which can effectively isolate kitchen noise and oil smoke. The color of Thai pomelo makes the whole wall integrated

3. The doors and windows of fluorocarbon gold in restaurants and tea drinking areas are consistent with the background color, and are coordinated and hierarchical as a whole. The wooden armchair and tea table make people feel leisurely

floor to ceiling windows are the same as Bogu shelves, modern and classical, elegant

4. The bedroom

adopts new standard broken bridge windows for sound insulation and heat insulation to maintain a comfortable sleeping environment in the bedroom. The living balcony is outside the master bedroom, and the balcony is sealed with large floor to ceiling windows to ensure the light of the master bedroom

in the elder room, the fan and handle are set. Considering the use of the elders, the wind will not directly blow to the head of the bed, so as to ensure healthy ventilation

the high windowsill design of the children's room prevents children from climbing. Coupled with the diamond gauze net to prevent mosquitoes and theft, it is more safe and assured

5. Study

the study adopts the setting of floating windows to increase leisure reading space. Open the fan setting and notice that it will not blow directly to the desk

thank you

thank President Zeng of Shaoyang Xinbiao franchise store and customers for their trust and support for the new standard! It is the responsibility of the new signer to customize doors and windows with ingenuity

new standard doors and windows formulate a full set of exclusive promotion plans for franchisees, and each franchisee partner has a customized promotion plan and rich promotional materials and materials support; Throughout the year, famous website forums, blogs and microblogs are used to assist terminal promotion to ensure strong coverage of the network system; Implement regional protection and exclusive franchise, and have a strict mechanism to prevent and control fleeing goods





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