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On the necessity of CTP for the development of packaging and printing enterprises

ctp has entered the Chinese market for 10 years. A large number of facts show that, compared with the traditional output film plate making method, CTP has a very obvious advantage in meeting the timeliness of newspapers and short edition quick printing, as well as in ensuring the replication quality of color commercial prints. Its market share is rising. However, the application of CTP in the packaging and printing industry lags behind. In view of this situation, the author has written an article on how far the packaging and printing enterprises are from CTP (published in the printing technology - packaging decoration Published in march2006). In the article, the author puts forward that the real significance of CTP lies in its ability to macro-control the printing production process, predict, plan and control production tasks, and enable printing enterprises to gradually realize the management oriented industrial production mode ". Here, the author will discuss this view and demonstrate the necessity of CTP for the development of packaging and printing enterprises from the perspective of technology management, resource management and quality control

The necessity of CTP in technology and resource management

at present, packaging and printing enterprises basically use traditional printing methods for production. Due to the use of printing plates, all plate making and other expenses should be converted into each printed matter in the form of cost sharing. Its price advantage depends on increasing the number of printing

this often happens in the packaging and printing market. The actual production capacity of an enterprise conflicts with the market demand for large quantities in a short time. That is, when an enterprise suddenly receives hundreds of thousands or even millions of orders requiring short-term delivery, it dares to sign a contract and eat a large number of orders. Do you want to eat some and give up some? Or do you want the customer to extend the construction period. In terms of the concept of "customer service as the center" in big marketing, this is not appropriate, but it is really necessary to win all such orders at the policy level. Under the condition that the follow-up processing capacity can be guaranteed, whether multiple offset printing equipment can operate at the same time is directly related to whether the enterprise has formed an integrated technical management system for printing equipment. From the demand of the current packaging market, most packaging printing materials contain continuous tone images. Customers generally do not make excessive quality requirements for such packaging printing materials based on the color reproduction effect of high-end picture albums and other commercial printing materials. However, the color difference of packaging printing materials, including the field and continuous tone parts, is strictly controlled, It can be said that the consistency of hue is one of the most important acceptance indicators for packaging and printing products

different from the proofing of other types of printed matter, customers who pack printed matter usually require to confirm with physical samples (with few exceptions) and seal the samples, taking the physical products before mass production as the standard. Therefore, it is particularly important to manage the technical connection between the mass production status of packaging printing materials and the production status of samples. Before applying color management technology. As the integrated technical management of printing equipment has not been formed, the "who samples who produces" has become the usual production management mode used by enterprises

as we all know, color management mainly includes three parts: calibration, characterization and conversion. Color management technology plays a decisive role in the faithful reproduction of color. It can simulate the characteristics of actual printing, make up for the differences between proofing and actual printing that can meet the experimental measurement needs of different materials. At the same time, it can also make up for the differences in printing characteristics of the same series of different models or even different brands of printing equipment, so as to complete the integrated technical management of printing equipment. In view of the situation that the same product is printed on multiple machines and the equipment has formed an integrated technical management system, if the traditional film plate making method is still used for production, it is not easy to manage, and there are many unpredictable human quality control defects

therefore, based on the above discussion, the advantages of CTP in the integrated technical management of printing equipment are undoubtedly very obvious. It can make multiple printing equipment produce a product at the same time if the product is in an overstress state, so as to better control the expansion of color difference caused by printing on different machines, so as to establish a flexible, The industrial production management mode with large or small output can meet the needs of various batch products in the packaging and printing market

from the current situation of resource management in packaging and printing enterprises, the process of digitalization and networking management has begun to extend from the production system to both ends, and gradually formed a huge enterprise resource management system with digital media as the link covering finance, supply, production, sales, storage and transportation. Extensive resource management mode is gradually being replaced by intensive resource management mode. With the integrated technical management system of printing equipment as the support, the prepress full digital working mode of CTP will show its advantages in the process of production scheduling and quality monitoring after the film output link is omitted. 3. The displacement positioning mechanism shows its advantages and supplies, The interaction of sales network and the point-to-point connection between production and sales provide great convenience to truly achieve the purpose of forecasting, planning and controlling production tasks, and provide accurate decision-making basis for the macro-control of the enterprise's top level.

ctp's necessity in product quality control

from the factors affecting the product quality of packaging and printing enterprises, the "human" factor undoubtedly has a very important position. Enterprises can promote zero defect "Management thought. Construction" pays attention to every detail and takes great care to avoid making mistakes and doing things well the first time. However, the quality of employees varies greatly, and everyone will have different degrees of emotional fluctuations in different time and space, which will then affect the exertion of their skills and work level. If we only advocate from the perspective of ideology without the scientific workflow as the basic guarantee, it may become a mere formality. Therefore, the packaging and printing enterprises should not only strengthen the quality control awareness of employees, but also provide the conditions for each work link to make as few mistakes as possible in the management mode. Compared with the process flow formed by CTP, the traditional film plate making has obvious quality control defects

from the management experience of the packaging and printing enterprise ipoc, there are many quality control hidden dangers in the traditional film plate making production mode at the prepress and printing interface. It is easy to cause scratches and folds in the process of repeatedly using the film output before printing. Even a very experienced printing master will inevitably leave quality hidden dangers such as sand holes and dust on the printing plate when the workload is large. It is bound to bring considerable trouble to the printing machine. In serious cases, it will even affect the overall operation of the production system. Moreover, due to the uncertainties in the process of linearization of plate exposure conditions and plate washing conditions, there must be relatively large quality fluctuations in the plate. The measurement and control strip can only be used as a passive post detection means. Under the condition that the plate exposure and washing links cannot be accurately linearized, the purpose of quality control cannot be fully achieved. Therefore, the defects of quality control caused by subjective and objective conditions in this traditional working mode are very obvious

such a situation still exists in the traditional film printing production mode. When a certain color in a set of print films is damaged, due to the requirements of prepress cost control, it is impossible to re output the whole set of films but only output monochrome films. In the case of large printing area, there is an accidental error of a certain frequency in the overprint of reissued monochrome films and other color films. This is mainly caused by the film storage environment and time difference, The occurrence of this phenomenon often gives the process and process control personnel a headache. It may also re output the whole set of films. It not only increases the cost. It also delays valuable production time, which will affect the normal operation of the entire production system in serious cases

in addition, in the process arrangement of some field and line pattern prints, especially the product packaging printing enterprises that can adopt multi format and multi format printing often deploy printing equipment for flexible process optimization. Different printing formats will inevitably lead to different printing rules for print film. Making N sets of films with different printing rules for the same product or making N sets of printing rules on the same set of film will bring defects to production management and quality control, which is inevitable in the traditional print method

it is undeniable that CTP's own technological advantages can bring benefits to packaging and printing enterprises. Its mature frequency modulation technology can fundamentally eliminate moire and rose spots. The author once encountered such a situation in the process of new product development. The continuous tone pattern part of a packaging print is complete in four colors K and c.m.y. the customer requires that a special red version be added on the basis of completely reproducing the four-color dot tone and that the special red tone of the four-color area be emphasized

in order to avoid moire, the points of version C in the color reproduction area of the special red version are lost by communicating with the customer and smoothing the shrinkage points. A compromise method is used to ensure the needs of customers, which can be completely avoided for the random distribution of frequency modulation points

the above discussion is mainly based on the fact that the enterprise has a large enough production order. In other words, only when the enterprise has a considerable production scale, the advantages of CTP become more prominent. Small packaging and printing enterprises are in the process of increasing their scale and gradually transitioning to medium and large enterprises. We should follow the principle of "crossing the river by feeling the stones" or walk on two legs. Is a wise choice

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