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At 10:08 a.m. on September 8, two senior executives of AGCO group in China and the event host of the day, Yang Qing and Franz gonbauer, drove a brand-new red tractor into the center of the venue, The opening ceremony of the new production base of AGCO Changzhou opened

the ingenious opening won warm applause from more than 800 audience members. Shenjianhui, director of Jiangsu Agricultural Machinery Bureau, fangguoqiang, vice mayor of Changzhou, and relevant principals from China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, China Agricultural machinery circulation association and other units attended the ceremony. Xuming, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and vice governor of Jiangsu Province, and Yan Li, Secretary of the CPC Changzhou Municipal Committee, also visited the new factory that afternoon

it is worth mentioning that many wonderful literary and artistic programs, including dance, were performed by employees at the ceremony, while the promotional film entitled "working dad", which was performed by seven AGCO employees, skillfully explained the cultural heritage of attaching importance to product quality. In the midst of singing and laughing, the serious commissioning ceremony seems to be a pleasant audio-visual feast

in China, the production area, assembly area, commissioning area and finished product area are planned very neatly for China to enter the new production workshop. Dozens of automatic transport vehicles are shuttling back and forth in an orderly manner. Workers are stepping up the assembly of tractors on the new production line

according to the on-site staff, the new factory covers a total area of nearly 200000 square meters. It will be built into a production, manufacturing and R & D base with the world's leading technology level. It will gradually form a production capacity with an annual output of 20000 tractors, 30000 engines, 40000 rear axles and transmissions, provide top-level and professional agricultural machinery for the domestic and overseas markets, and further promote the localization process of product manufacturing in China

the base not only faces the Chinese market, but also will become the global supply base of AGCO's new 70~130 HP tractors. "The completion and operation of the new Changzhou plant will help AGCO continuously improve its R & D and manufacturing system in China, and it is also a key move for the group to achieve its global development strategy." Said Martin richhagen, chairman, President and CEO of AGCO group

AGCO group mainly provides tractors, harvesting machinery, forage and fodder, sowing and farming equipment for global users, with sales of US $9.7 billion in 2014. Since entering China 15 years ago, the company has launched a series of new initiatives to expand its business in China. Among them, the construction of Changzhou new production base reflects its confidence and commitment to the Chinese market

the operation of Changzhou new base reflects AGCO's strategy of manufacturing high-quality and competitive products and selling them to the world by integrating and utilizing global technologies and resources. Yang Qing, global vice president and managing director of AGCO in China, said: "the new Changzhou plant will provide AGCO with an opportunity to continue to improve productivity and achieve more lean production, and become a strong support point for the group in China."

it is understood that AGCO's "global series" 70~130 HP tractors, based on Massey Ferguson's 168 years of product experience, adopt the new modular design concept and global parts procurement strategy, and will meet the needs of users according to its stronger power, higher fuel economy, richer product configuration and more humanized operation experience

as AGCO's largest single investment project in the world so far, the completion of Changzhou new factory is of great significance. In shenjianhui's view, AGCO's choice to further expand its production scale in China in Jiangsu Province is both a move to take advantage of the trend and a work to take advantage of it. The operation of the new base not only fully proves the confidence of AGCO group to take root in China and become stronger and bigger, but also marks that AGCO's development in China has entered a new stage

up to now, AGCO has invested US $300million in the construction of production bases in Changzhou, Shanghai, Daqing and Yanzhou, China, with more than 1500 employees

provide all-round solutions

under the background that China's economy has entered the "new normal", it can not directly display the internal and displacement curves like a tensile testing machine. The strength of the central agricultural support and benefit policy has not decreased. In 2015, the No. 1 central document of the central government also clearly stated that it would give priority to ensuring the investment in agriculture and rural areas, and carry out pilot projects of financial leasing of large-scale agricultural machinery. In addition, first of all, according to the plan and deployment of made in China 2025, agricultural machinery has entered the support scope of "intelligent manufacturing". The goal is to realize the whole process intelligence of agricultural machinery product design, processing, detection and assembly, which provides a favorable macro environment for the development of agricultural machinery industry. To this end, AGCO group has also formulated its development strategy in China. Yang Qing said that AGCO China's strategic focus is to achieve the growth of domestic sales and market share by providing comprehensive solutions, manufacture high-quality and competitive products by integrating and utilizing global technologies and resources and sell them to the global market, purchase cost competitive raw materials for global business, and establish a team with ownership, vitality, openness, transparency and Lean culture

in recent years, in the face of the contradiction that the Chinese market has a large demand for high-end agricultural machinery products and weak link products, but the supply is relatively insufficient, AGCO group has increased its investment in China. With the goal of "becoming a high-quality multinational agricultural machinery equipment leading the trend of the Chinese Agricultural machinery market. 5. having access to photoelectric encoders to achieve high-precision measurement suppliers", AGCO group has made efforts to build four major brands, namely Massey Ferguson, weimeide, Dafeng Wang and gurui, Continue to introduce and produce high-quality medium and high-end products, and step up the provision of products and solutions that are more in line with the Chinese market

at present, AGCO is steadily increasing its business scale, from simple product sales and after-sales service to a complete solution provider. For the complete set of agricultural machinery products in the Chinese market, AGCO is gradually upgrading and testing to meet the national three emission standards for non road mobile machinery. "Global series" products will be an important part of AGCO's product lineup in China, confirming AGCO's solemn commitment to continuously provide all-round high-tech solutions for the Chinese market

in addition, AGCO further strengthened the performance management of agents. In addition to the new development model of brand image stores, this year's channel development will pay more attention to the "quality" of agent sales and service level, and better serve users by further improving the comprehensive ability of agents

as a global leader in precision agriculture technology, AGCO released the global technology strategy "fusetechnologies" in 2013, that is, a new generation of precision agriculture overall solution, which is committed to achieving optimal operation efficiency and logistics management throughout the crop production cycle, helping farmers closely integrate all farm assets, and ultimately achieving higher output, lower costs and greater profits

with the development of China's agricultural machinery industry entering the "new normal" environment, AGCO has achieved good performance in the Chinese market with the help of localization, and both production and sales have achieved double-digit growth. Yang Qing expects that the growth rate this year will maintain a greater growth. It is also reported that in November this year, Massey Ferguson high-power tractors manufactured by the new Changzhou factory will debut at the Hannover agricultural machinery exhibition in Germany

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