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Talking about the packaging and printing industry: those who win the scale win the world

it is more effective to seize the incremental market under the condition of extremely scattered industry competition. The existing leading enterprises have capital advantages, scale advantages, customer resources and service integration capabilities, and will be the main participants and beneficiaries of cross regional competition. Companies actively expanding in the region are expected to stand out

industry perspective

the growth of the industry is promising for a long time: corrugated boxes are widely penetrated into all fields of light industry manufacturing, and are the most important branch of the paper packaging industry. In 2010, the market scale of China's corrugated box industry reached 189.5 billion yuan, accounting for about 60% of the paper packaging industry, that is, about 24% of the whole packaging industry. However, the contribution rate of the two is 19.7%. Before that, China's per capita paper packaging consumption was only 23 US dollars. There were 200 projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation (NSF) of the United States on graphene, which was lower than the global average of 32 US dollars per person, and there was a greater gap with developed countries. We believe that the domestic corrugated box industry is in a growth period, and the rapid growth of downstream industries will continue to drive the demand for corrugated boxes, We expect that the growth rate in the next five years will remain 10%-15%

it is an inevitable trend to increase the industry concentration: the corrugated box industry is a typical downstream driven industry, and the demand of downstream industries determines the development of the corrugated box industry. Through the analysis of the development history of the carton industry in the United States, the improvement of the concentration of downstream industries will inevitably lead to the integration of carton suppliers. At present, the concentration of some downstream industries of China's carton industry has been high or is increasing. We expect that the concentration of China's corrugated carton industry is bound to enter a period of rapid improvement driven by the downstream industries

expanding and controlling raw materials is the growth path of enterprises: leading American enterprises continue to expand across regions in the industry growth stage, and after reaching a certain scale, they all extend to the upstream to control raw materials. The difference between China's corrugated box industry and the United States is that at this stage, the concentration of corrugated box board is relatively high, and the strength of leading enterprises leads enterprises to undertake strong social responsibilities. Although the carton enterprises have the demand to control raw materials, the paper industry has a high threshold. At present, the secondary carton enterprises have no strength to extend to the upstream. However, we believe that in the rapid growth stage of the industry, the key to the success of the enterprise is to seize the layout. When enterprises expand to a certain scale across regions, it is only a matter of time before they unite with the upstream

competing for hegemony in the spring and Autumn Period: by studying the relatively complete life cycle of the corrugated box industry in the United States, China's corrugated box industry is at the early stage of growth, just like the spring and Autumn period

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