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Discussion on brand packaging design

brand packaging design should start with the constituent elements such as trademark, pattern, color, modeling and materials. On the basis of considering the characteristics of commodities, it should follow some basic principles of brand design, such as protecting commodities, beautifying commodities and facilitating use, so as to make all design elements coordinate and complement each other, so as to obtain the best packaging design scheme. From the perspective of marketing, brand packaging pattern and color design are important factors to highlight the personality of commodities, and personalized brand image is the most effective means of promotion. (1) Design of packaging pattern

the configuration of commodity pictures, text and background in the packaging pattern must be centered on attracting customers' attention and directly promoting the brand. The stimulation of packaging patterns to customers is more specific, stronger and more persuasive than brand names, and is often accompanied by immediate purchase behavior. The basic principles to be followed in its design:

1. the form and content should be consistent with the inside and the outside, specific and distinct, and the commodity itself can be known at the first sight of the packaging

2. fully display the goods. This mainly adopts two ways: one is to use vivid color photos to represent and truly reproduce commodities. This is the most popular in food packaging, such as chocolate, candy, canned food, etc. lifelike color photos show the color, taste and type to make people salivate; The second is to directly display the goods themselves. Transparent packaging and skylight opening packaging are very popular in food, textiles and light industrial products

3. specific and detailed text description shall be provided. On the packaging pattern, there should also be specific instructions on the raw materials, preparation, efficacy, use and maintenance of the product, and concise schematic diagrams should be provided if necessary

4. emphasize the product image color. Not only the transparent packaging or color photos are used to fully show the solid color of the goods themselves, but also the image hues that reflect the large categories of goods are used more, so that consumers can have the same cognitive response as the signal response, and quickly know the contents of the packaging by color. For example, the upper body of Marlboro cigarette case is dark red, and the lower precision can meet the requirements. The body is pure white. The color matching constitutes an atmosphere of cooperation, sharing and common improvement among industries. It is eye-catching and prominent, which reminds people of the masculinity of Western cowboys. The top of the cigarette box is decorated with the logo of the gilded philipmorris company: two horses guard a golden crown, and the black Marlboro trademark makes people feel that Marlboro is extraordinary

5. the "Shimen family" packaging should focus on the main exhibition area of the packaging. All commodities produced by an enterprise or with the same brand trademark, regardless of variety, specification, package size, shape, Package Modeling and pattern design, adopt the same pattern, or even the same color, giving a unified impression, so that customers can know the brand of the product at a glance

6. pay attention to efficacy design. The efficacy design in the packaging pattern is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

① protection performance design, including moisture-proof, mould proof, moth proof, shock proof, leak proof, shatterproof, extrusion proof, etc

② convenient performance design, including convenient store display and sales; Convenient for customers to carry and use

③ sales performance design, that is, without the introduction or demonstration of the salesperson, customers can understand the goods and decide to buy them only by "self introduction" of the packaging picture

the design method of packaging pattern requires consumers to be impressed by its simple lines, vivid personality characters and reasonable colors. Take the Royal Salute 21 in Scotch Whisky as an example. The wine is carefully brewed for 21 years. It is packaged in blue, red and Green Palace Royal refined porcelain bottles. The bottle is engraved with the image of a round table knight with a sword and a horse. The brand logo has two salute guns with a breaking elongation of 30% (3) 5%. It is equipped with the identification certificate of 21 years of wine age issued by the Scottish whisky Association. The whole package looks elegant and rich. So that some people carefully collect the wine bottle after drinking

the taboo of packaging pattern design is also a noticeable problem. Different countries and regions have different customs and values, so they also have their own favorite and taboo patterns. Only by adapting to these, can the product packaging be recognized by the local market. The taboos of packaging pattern design can be divided into several taboos of people, animals, plants and geometric figures. I won't go into details here

(II) packaging color design

color plays a particularly important role in packaging design. In the highly competitive commodity market, color design and application are indispensable to make commodities have visual characteristics that are obviously different from other products, more attractive to attract consumers, stimulate and guide consumption, and enhance people's memory of the brand

dazhihao, a Japanese color expert, has done in-depth research on the color design of packaging. In his book "Fundamentals of color design", he once put forward the following eight requirements for the color design of packaging:

1. whether the packaging color can be clearly identified in competitive goods

2. whether it is a good symbol of commodity content

3. whether the color is harmonious and unified with other design factors to effectively represent the quality and weight of the commodity

4. whether it is accepted by the commodity purchasing class

5. whether it has high visibility and can set off the characters well

6. how about the effect of a single package and the stacking effect of multiple packages

7. whether colors are full of vitality in different markets and display environments

8. whether the color of the commodity is not limited by color management and printing, and the effect is the same

these requirements are undoubtedly practical in the practice of color design of commodity packaging. With the diversification of consumer demand, there will be more factories in the future to establish a fine division of the product market, and the requirements for brand packaging design are becoming more and more strict and meticulous. In order to more accurately grasp the different requirements for color design of different types of commodity packaging, we can divide consumer goods into three categories and put forward specific requirements for color design respectively:

category I, luxury goods. Such as high-grade perfume, soap and women's clothing accessories in cosmetics; For men, such as cigarettes, alcohol, high-grade candy, chocolate, exotic rare specialties, etc. This kind of commodity especially requires unique personality, and the color design needs to have a special sense of atmosphere, high price and high value. For example, French high-end perfume or cosmetics should have mysterious charm and incredible atmosphere, showing the romantic mood of Paris. This kind of products should be designed elegantly regardless of package shape or color. For another example, the packaging design of men's favorite whisky should have the special atmosphere of French aristocracy in the 18th century, and the cigarette packaging design should have a sense of aristocracy. The cigarette packs of Kent cigarettes are all white. A white ancient castle stands in a white sky. Coupled with the golden "Kent" trademark, it will remind people of the noble life in the ancient castle. The background color of camel cigarette box is light yellow, which means a vast desert. The pyramids and palm trees on the background pattern represent the ancient East, giving people a mysterious and primitive feeling. The packaging of this kind of goods should give people a feeling of high price and famous brand. Domestic top-grade packaging such as "Maotai", "Wuliangye", "Huzhou Laojiao", "Zhonghua tobacco" and "Yunyan" has also begun to follow the international famous brands in terms of design

the second category is food for daily life, such as cans, biscuits, condiments, coffee, black tea, etc. The color design of this kind of commodity packaging should have two characteristics: (1) arouse consumers' appetite; (2) It is necessary to deliberately highlight the image of the product. For example, the mineral water is packaged in sky blue, indicating cool and pure, and the fully transparent plastic bottle is used to fully display the characteristics of the product. At present, Guangdong food, beverage and mineral water are more successful in this type of domestic products

the third category is popular goods, such as middle and low-grade cosmetics, soaps, health protection products, etc. This kind of commodity is positioned in the popular market, and its packaging color design requires: (1) to show an atmosphere that is easy to get close to; (2) To show the sense of high quality; (3) It can enable consumers to identify the brand in a short time

information source: shenggekang design and printing

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