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Report on the implementation of the 2003 national economic and social development plan and the 2004 draft plan of Anhui Province. In the face of the severe situation, under the strong leadership of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, the people of the whole province unite as one and work hard to minimize the disaster losses and ensure

in the past year, our province has suffered from the sudden SARS epidemic and catastrophic floods, and the economic and social development has encountered unexpected difficulties. In the face of the severe situation, under the strong leadership of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, the people of the whole province worked together to minimize the disaster losses and maintain the good momentum of national economic and social development. The annual GDP is expected to grow by 9.2%, the highest since 1998; The fiscal revenue reached 41.2 billion yuan, an increase of 18.9%. The level of industrialization has been steadily improved, and the industrial structure has continued to be optimized. Investment in fixed assets continued to grow at a high speed, and the momentum for development was further strengthened. Remarkable achievements have been made in attracting investment and opening up to the outside world has been expanding. The rejuvenation of Anhui through science and education has been further promoted, and all-round progress has been made in social undertakings

Employment, reemployment and social security work continued to be strengthened, and people's living standards steadily improved. The main expected objectives set at the first session of the tenth Provincial People's Congress have been basically achieved. The economic trend in 2003 shows that our province has got rid of the low-speed wandering period since the Asian financial crisis and entered the rising stage of a new round of economic cycle

the main protective covers for national economic and social development in 2004 pass through the guide wheel. The expected goals are: GDP growth of more than 9.5%, fiscal revenue growth of 10%, the general level of consumer prices rising by about 2%, 400000 new urban jobs, the urban registered unemployment rate controlled within 4.5%, the per capita disposable income of urban residents increased by 8%, the per capita net income of farmers increased by 5%, and the natural population growth rate controlled within 7 ‰. To achieve the above objectives, it is very important to organize and implement the "861" action plan. As an important strategic measure in the initial stage of building a well-off society in an all-round way, the essence of the "861" action plan is to accelerate the implementation of hundreds of major projects with a total scale of trillions of yuan, with industrialization as the core, economic restructuring as the main line, and around the construction of eight major industrial bases and six major infrastructure projects, so as to provide strong support for economic and social development, Ensure that the per capita GDP in 2007 will reach 1000 US dollars

(I) promote the all-round development of agriculture and rural economy with increasing farmers' income as the core. We will intensify efforts to control the Huaihe River. While completing the post disaster reconstruction task as soon as possible, we will speed up the construction progress of the Linhuaigang flood control project, the Huaihe River Regulation and other follow-up projects, and start the construction of Bailianya Reservoir, Wohe River, Shaying River and other major projects. We will continue to strengthen infrastructure construction in rural areas, such as water conservancy, roads, sanitation, education, electricity, drinking water for people and livestock, and communications, and improve basic production and living conditions in rural areas. We will effectively protect the comprehensive grain production capacity. We will focus on high-efficiency cash crops, vegetable gardening and animal husbandry, and promote the optimization of the regional distribution of agricultural products. With industrialization as the core, investment attraction and the development of private economy as the driving force, we will start to build a number of economically strong counties and accelerate the development of county economy. We will accelerate the construction of a cross regional employment service system for rural surplus labor, and strive to increase the output of labor services by 400000 people throughout the year

(II) accelerate the construction of key industrial bases and promote the process of new industrialization. Seize the opportunity of upgrading the consumption structure and accelerating the development of heavy chemical industry, and strive to raise the processing and manufacturing industry to a new level. Actively promote the automobile industry to improve its R & D capability and technological innovation capability, and develop the parts industry; At the same time of improving the supporting capacity, guide the home appliance enterprises to develop in the direction of digitalization; Expand mechanical equipment and fine chemical industry; We will vigorously develop the deep processing of agricultural products. Further expand the energy and raw materials industry. Put the implementation of power transmission from Anhui to the East in a prominent position, speed up the construction progress of power point projects, and promote the preliminary work of the west channel of power transmission from Anhui to the East. We will do a good job in the construction of projects such as Maanshan Iron and steel sheet and conch with a daily output of 10000 tons of cement clinker. We will accelerate the industrialization of high and new technologies and transform traditional industries with high and new technologies and advanced and applicable technologies. Promote the construction of "digital Anhui". Strengthen the coordination and dispatching of power and transportation

(III) vigorously develop the service industry and enhance the pulling effect of consumption on economic growth. Earnestly implement the provincial tourism planning and the tourism planning of "two mountains and one lake". Vigorously develop modern circulation industry. Actively develop exhibition economy. We will liberalize and invigorate the secondary housing market and increase the construction of affordable housing. Accelerate the development of emerging service industries such as property management, housekeeping services, leisure and recreation, and guide the community service industry to develop towards marketization, industrialization and socialization. Efforts should be made to increase the income of urban residents and the cash income of farmers and enhance their consumption capacity; Vigorously rectify the order of the market economy; Foster new consumption hotspots such as automobiles, housing and telecommunications; Improve the rural consumption environment and expand the rural market. We will strive to increase the total retail sales of consumer goods by more than 10 percent

(IV) comprehensively implement the strategy of large-scale opening up and strive to improve the level of opening to the outside world. We will take investment promotion as the top priority of economic work, and carefully organize key investment promotion activities such as Anhui Guangdong Economic and technological cooperation, the fourth China Hefei high tech project capital matchmaking meeting, and Hong Kong Economic and trade cooperation. Continue to do a good job in the investment promotion of small teams, parks and specialties, and send investment promotion representatives to key areas for long-term investment promotion. We will promote strategic cooperation, mergers and acquisitions between large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises and large enterprises and groups at home and abroad. Effectively run the existing development zones and industrial parks, and strengthen service and management. We will strive to increase the actual use of foreign capital by more than 15% in the first 10 hours of the year, and the actual funds in place outside the province by more than 30%. To adapt to the adjustment of the national export tax rebate policy, we will further expand the foreign trade management rights of production enterprises, especially private enterprises, promote the transformation of foreign trade enterprises from the acquisition system to the agency system, support small and medium-sized enterprises to explore the international market, promote the export of local products, and strive to increase foreign trade exports by more than 8%. To consolidate and expand economic cooperation with Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places in the past two years is to build Hefei Nanjing railway and Tongjiu railway and speed up integration into the economic circle of the Yangtze River Delta through the transformation of existing production processes and equipment, economic and technological exchange results, and strengthening cooperation in policy, industry and information

(V) increase investment to enhance the potential for development. Strengthen the construction of major projects. Centering on the "861" action plan, further enrich and improve the project library. In accordance with the principles of dynamic management and step-by-step implementation, we will focus on the construction of projects under construction and the preliminary work of projects at the same time, forming a pattern of echelon promotion. This year, we will ensure that key projects such as the expansion of Jiatong all steel radial tire, wanwei group's high-strength high film fiber, Xutuan coal mine, etc. are completed on schedule; Continue to promote the continued construction of Anqing Power Plant, Langyashan pumped storage power station and other projects; Start construction of key projects such as Chery car expansion and Maanshan Iron and steel galvanizing plate? Item number? φ?? Provide services? Squat test? More than 20%. Actively strive for new Treasury bond funds, and strive to continue to account for 5% of the national allocation to provinces and cities. We will further improve the measures for the management of treasury bond projects and intensify inspections. Raise construction funds through multiple channels. Increase constructive investment on the basis of increasing fiscal revenue; Further strengthen bank enterprise cooperation and strive for more credit funds; Expand the scale of direct financing; Strengthen the construction of local financial institutions

(VI) vigorously develop various social undertakings and promote coordinated economic and social development. We should give more prominence to the development of social undertakings, increase investment, deepen institutional reform, and strive to create a new situation for the development of social undertakings. Vigorously implement the strategy of rejuvenating Anhui through science and education and strengthening the province through talents. We will accelerate the establishment of a modern scientific research institution system for public welfare scientific research institutions, promote the transformation of applied technology research and development institutions into enterprises, and strengthen the integration of scientific and technological resources at all levels

adhere to rural education as the top priority of education, expand the scale of high-quality high schools, and vigorously develop vocational and technical education. We will continue to promote the use of new materials by provincial institutes, provincial ministries and commissions, jointly build the University of science and technology of China and Hefei University of technology, implement the "211" phase II project of Anhui University, and build Hefei University Town and Wuhu and Bengbu university parks. We will focus on the three links of training, attracting and making good use of talents, and strengthen the capacity-building of human resources. We will accelerate the construction of the public health system, and fully complete the construction of disease control networks at the provincial, municipal and county levels within this year. We will fully implement the outline of the cultural industry development plan, actively promote the construction of provincial museums and other key cultural projects, and improve the facilities such as grassroots cultural centers (stations) and libraries. Promote the construction of "ecological Anhui", build Chizhou ecological and economic demonstration zone and several provincial ecological construction demonstration bases, and continue to carry out comprehensive environmental management in the Huaihe River, Chaohu Lake and Yangtze river basins

(VII) do a good job in employment and reemployment and improve the social security system. We will further strengthen employment and reemployment. We will implement an active employment policy and strengthen the dual management of employment and reemployment. We will vigorously develop labor-intensive industries, small and medium-sized enterprises and the private economy, and give full play to the potential of the tertiary industry to absorb labor. We will conscientiously implement preferential policies such as small loans, separation of primary and secondary businesses, and restructuring of secondary businesses, and increase investment in reemployment funds. We will carry out various forms of vocational training and improve the employment service system. We will conscientiously provide employment guidance and services for college and technical secondary school graduates. We will improve the social security system. We will improve the basic old-age insurance system for enterprise employees, establish and improve provincial-level old-age insurance adjustment funds, and gradually achieve provincial-level overall planning. We will improve the unemployment insurance system and continue to do a good job in bridging the "two guarantees" and the "three security lines". We will improve the minimum living security system for urban residents. We will continue to reform the basic medical insurance system for urban workers. We will continue to focus on deep mountain areas, reservoir areas and flood storage areas along the Huaihe River, do a good job in rural poverty alleviation and development, and strive to reduce the number of poor people by 300000 throughout the year. For families in cities and towns who have greater difficulties in living, necessary care should be given in the areas of medical treatment, children's schooling and housing, so as to solve their practical difficulties

(VIII) intensify various reforms and improve the socialist market economic system

continue to promote the standardized corporate reform, improve the corporate governance structure, and fully complete the corporate reform task of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises within the year. The reform of small and medium-sized state-owned enterprises will be basically completed within this year, with the "double replacement" of state-owned assets and employees as the main content. We will further relax market access, expand the pilot project of changing the enterprise registration and approval system into a registration system, improve the service system, and accelerate the development of the non-public sector of the economy. We will vigorously develop markets for property rights, capital, technology and other factors, and set up a number of regional property rights trading markets. We will continue to reform the way grain subsidies are subsidized and improve the effectiveness of the policy of direct subsidies. We will deepen the reform of the cotton distribution system and establish a number of cotton enterprise groups. Promote the construction of "credit Anhui", implement the "100000 enterprise credit project", improve the provincial joint credit investigation system, establish the inter-bank credit investigation system of banking, taxation, quality inspection and other departments, and basically build the collection system, evaluation system and publicity platform of enterprise and personal credit information. Deepen the reform of the investment system, and do not use the governmental nature for enterprises

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