Jilin Province actively cultivates and develops ca

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Jilin Province actively cultivates and develops carbon fiber industry

in recent years, Jilin Province actively cultivates strategic emerging industries, focuses on carbon fiber, and seizes the commanding height of development by strengthening technological innovation and industrial innovation

carbon fiber is a representative of emerging materials. Its equivalent volume weight is one quarter of that of steel, and its strength is five to six times that of steel. It has a wide range of applications. Jilin chemical fiber group, as the production enterprise of carbon fiber source, currently has an annual production capacity of 5000 tons, which is also inseparable from the packaging power of sealing machine equipment. It has become the largest carbon fiber precursor production enterprise in China. Since it was officially put into production on November 18, 2011, the company has received a large number of orders at home and abroad. Tian Saiyu in the production workshop has not rested with his team for four months

with the financial support and policy promotion of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, Jilin chemical fiber 1500 ton carbon fiber precursor production line was put into operation in 2009, especially in January 2010, the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China identified Jilin City as the national carbon fiber high-tech industrialization base, which greatly promoted the development of carbon fiber and its deep-processing products industry in our province. Industrial agglomeration has also emerged. A number of precursor carbonization enterprises such as Sinosteel Jiangcheng carbon fiber products Co., Ltd. and Jiyan High Tech Co., Ltd. have gathered here, which has effectively promoted the development of this strategic emerging industry

more ordinary people will also benefit from this. At the 7th Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo, Jilin Province signed an annual output of 80000 carbon fiber bicycles project with Hengtian Group, a top 500 enterprise in China, bringing carbon fiber, a high-tech product traditionally used in aerospace, into people's lives

with the precursor of Jilin chemical fiber group, the carbon wire of Sinosteel Jiangcheng and the bicycle of Jiyan high tech, the upstream, middle and downstream industrial chain of carbon fiber industry in Jilin Province has been formed. At present, Jilin Province is actively planning a new road map for the carbon fiber industry, studying and issuing various policies conducive to the development of the carbon fiber industry, solving the problems encountered in the development of the carbon fiber industry in various links such as investment attraction, project construction, enterprise production, and strongly promoting the leapfrog development of the carbon fiber industry

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