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Jinan strictly investigates illegal food packaging materials (Liang Li, Dong Yongfu, Zhang Jianhua, Zhu Wenda) recently, a plastic (15815455.00,2.96%, bar) product factory in Jinan, Shandong Province, without obtaining a production license, arbitrarily produced polyethylene blow molding barrels for food packaging, which was investigated and dealt with by the law enforcement Department of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision. More than 18900 finished polyethylene blow molding barrels were sealed up, with a value of more than 146000 yuan

it is reported that food packaging is one of the products in the Management Catalogue of the food quality and safety market access system. According to relevant national regulations, enterprises are allowed to produce and sell such products only after they have obtained a food production license

Jinan Municipal Bureau of quality supervision 12365 received a report from the masses that a plastic product factory in Jiyang County did not apply for a food production license, but was producing a large number of products for food packaging. After keeping a close watch on the factory, law enforcement officers recently seized the illegal acts of the factory

at the scene of law enforcement, it was found that eight blow molding equipment were installed in the production workshop of the factory, and fiveorsix workers were surrounding the three blow molding equipment to produce polyethylene blow molding barrels. The finished polyethylene blow molding barrels that had been produced were stored in the finished product area. Among them, the words "XX Zhai" were obviously printed on the 850ML and 800ml bottles specially used to contain soy sauce; On the other side of the product area, the bottle containing 50kg Baijiu specification is marked with: how to make the change experimental machine give full play to the best working effect and the general knowledge of the safety protection of the experimental machine, so and so distillery, so and so wine industry, etc. According to the on-site inventory of law enforcement personnel, the above food packaging materials totaled more than 18900, with a value of more than 146000 yuan. Because the unit could not provide a food production license on site, law enforcement officers sealed up all the products involved according to law

Li, the person in charge of the plastic products factory, said: we know that the production of food packaging requires a food production license, but we secretly do it with a fluke. Who ever wanted to be approached by law enforcement officers so soon. In the next step, we will actively cooperate with the investigation and handling, and immediately proceed to apply for the production license and the sample certificate that is indistinguishable before use

according to the law enforcement personnel of Jinan Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, since January 1 this year, the state has included 39 kinds of plastic packaging containers, tools and other products for food in the Management Catalogue of the market access system. The above products can be sold only after obtaining the production license and marking the QS mark. This means that plastic products such as blow moulded barrels, baby bottles, fresh-keeping films and plastic lunch boxes for food packaging will also be subject to QS market access system like food. Those who produce the above-mentioned products without obtaining a food production license will be ordered to stop production according to the relevant provisions of the state, the illegal income will be confiscated, and a fine of not less than the equivalent value but not more than 3 times will be imposed. Those who use and sell the products in the experimental process of the above-mentioned production 3 and cables in business activities will be ordered to stop production according to law, the illegal income will be confiscated, and a fine of not less than 50000 yuan but not more than 200000 yuan will be imposed

at present, the case is under further investigation and trial. China Quality News

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