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The pioneer of Pepsi's digital production in China -- Jinan bottling factory

Jinan Pepsi Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. can be called Pepsi Cola's in China × A benchmark factory, they abandoned the old safety relay equipment and replaced it with safety PLC and profisafe safety bus with fail safe function. The safety PLC has distributed safety peripherals, which can optimize the safety area It is the first time that PepsiCo has introduced profisafe, an advanced technology, to protect the safety of personnel and the normal operation of machines through profisafe more economically, flexibly and reliably

from the perspective of control and safety, what makes Jinan Pepsi production line so outstanding is the perfect mixture of profisafe and aseptic production. The average value calculated by aseptic production guarantees that the beverage conforms to QS quality safety and health standards, and profisafe is responsible for controlling the safety of the production process. The system communication is more convenient. The signals of all node nodes can be reflected in the system through each safety IO and standard IO. Through the powerful diagnostic function of safety PLC, the status of each point is clearly reflected in the system in the waste plastics that can be used as raw materials imported from coastal areas of China. At the same time, with profisafe, standard functions and safety functions can be realized by the same safety PLC, which can not only execute standard functions, but also deal with safety functions at the same time. This enables us to have both standard technology and flexible safety technology, saving engineering costs even more. Mr. Li, general manager of Pepsi Jinan, said

the safety integrated filling equipment of the plant is completed by the top equipment integrator Sidel, and these equipment use Siemens S7 f PLC as the control core. The automatic monitoring combined with Profibus and PROFIsafe fieldbus reduces the unreliable factors caused by the connection points, and saves costs and installation costs. The system has the functions of fault diagnosis, alarm and recording of field level equipment, which can complete parameter modification, enhance the maintainability of the system and expand the remote control of the system. Easy to operate

everyone in Jinan PepsiCo is very satisfied with Siemens' control system. Mr. Li concluded: higher work efficiency, more effective safety mechanism, more advanced management concept, more consumer praise. In the future, whether it is the company or its employees, we will get more from this system

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