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Loader enterprise jindawei strongly entered the agricultural machinery industry and received attention

loader enterprise jindawei strongly entered the agricultural machinery industry and received attention

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from October 26 to October 28, 2015, the annual agricultural machinery event of the agricultural machinery industry, "2015 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition" was staged at Qingdao International Expo Center as scheduled. In the 220 square meter exhibition area of jindawei, there were crowds, and six large corn harvesting machines attracted the attention of many participants. Its classic 4yz-2d self-propelled corn harvester has attracted the attention of the participants and other instruments, as well as the users. From time to time, they ask the staff nearby about the performance and characteristics of the machine, which has been highly praised by the users present

it is understood that jindawei started as a construction machinery company in 2007. After several years of operation, the company has made certain achievements. Zhang Juntao, chairman of jindawei, saw the vigorous development of the agricultural machinery industry, especially the huge potential of the corn machine market. By 2012, annuity Dawei will resolutely enter the field of agricultural equipment. With good R & D experience and manufacturing foundation, after several months of unremitting efforts, R & D, improvement and continuous field tests. The first self-developed 4yzp-2d self-propelled corn harvester was finally born. In 2013, small-scale mass production was achieved. Since then, it has gained a firm foothold in the small and medium-sized corn harvester market. Then Zhang Juntao led the group to innovate continuously. In 2014, jindawei 4yzp-3d and 4yzp-4 models passed the ministerial appraisal and obtained the promotion appraisal certificate, and the market response was quite good! This has further improved the market share of jindawei corn harvester and the popularity and influence of enterprise products

this year, jindawei exhibited not only the 4yz-2d self-propelled corn harvester, but also a variety of straw balers and corn combine harvesters. Among them, the 4yz-2d self-propelled corn harvester is a two-line corn harvester developed and launched by jindawei Machinery Co., Ltd. according to the current two-line experimental force in the domestic market, which no longer increases the use of corn harvesters, and comprehensively absorbs all kinds of harvesters. At first glance, people mistakenly believe that the model selected by Jinan testing machine factory is the advantage of copper core wire. Its characteristics can complete the whole process of corn crop picking, transportation, boxing, straw crushing and returning to the field at one time; Adopt hydraulic rotary lifting stripping platform for spiral stripping; The peeling inlet adopts the form of diversion, and the peeling roller adopts the combination of spiral steel roller and rubber roller, so the peeling effect is more remarkable; The reinforced gearbox is used to select the working speed at any time, improve the working efficiency, and meet the needs of small and medium-sized corn harvester users

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