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Jilin Petrochemical Company accelerates the research and development of carbon fiber technology

on October 6, it was learned from the carbon fiber factory of Jilin Petrochemical Company that the carbon fiber composite continuous sucker rod developed by this factory was applied in 50 deep wells of oil fields and entered the performance defects of aluminum cables

according to caixiaoping, the director of the carbon fiber plant, the project leader, using carbon fiber sucker rods is faster and produces more oil than steel sucker rods, and saves 70000 to 80000 kwh of electricity per year

at present, with the rapid expansion of carbon fiber and its reinforced composites in the field of new materials in aerospace, wind turbine blades, automotive pressure vessels and structural parts, new building materials and other industries, carbon fiber, a new material, has received widespread attention, and domestic consumption demand is increasing. It is understood that the difficulties in carbon fiber research and development can be summarized as "more than four". First, it refers to engineering technology research that integrates multiple industries with a view to expanding the scope of product utilization. The second is that the preparation principle covers many disciplines, such as chemical engineering, polymer synthesis, chemical fiber and materials science. It is a complex system engineering with interdisciplinary intersection. Third, it refers to the research of integration technology integrating multiple factors. Fourth, there are many product quality control indicators, up to 19, and the process is long. Therefore, carbon fiber technology in the world is monopolized by a few countries

in May 2009, Jilin Petrochemical 100 ton line was completed and put into operation. Scientific and technological personnel overcame difficulties and devoted themselves to research. After many plans and technical improvements, they broke through a number of technical problems, significantly improved the microstructure of carbon fiber precursor, achieved T300 level product performance, and achieved continuous and stable operation. On this basis, Jilin Petrochemical put forward the "long, wide and high" development idea of carbon fiber industry. "Long" is to develop the production and processing technology of carbon fiber products and realize the extension of carbon fiber industrial chain. To be "wide" is to develop equipment capacity expansion and transformation technology to realize the large-scale production of carbon fiber. To be "high" is to develop new brands of carbon fiber products and realize the serialization of carbon fiber products

"facing the broad development and application prospects of carbon fiber, Jilin Petrochemical Research team is speeding up the pace of research and development. After the technical indicators of the trial produced products, it founded compositeadvantage company in 2005, which can meet the application requirements in many fields. Jilin Petrochemical will strive to realize the extension, scale and serialization of carbon fiber products as soon as possible, and contribute to China's carbon fiber technology sprint to the high-end market." Cai Xiaoping said with confidence

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