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Jilin Province focuses on actively promoting the development of digital publishing industry. The spirit of the 12th plenary session of the ninth provincial Party committee points out that we should strive to create a public opinion environment and social atmosphere conducive to the development of mainstream culture, vigorously improve cultural communication capacity, strengthen the construction of important media, speed up digital transformation, expand effective coverage, vigorously develop new communication carriers, and promote the three-dimensional guidance of mainstream public opinion. In recent years, Jilin Province has taken the digital publishing project as the focus of publishing work, adhering to the principle of giving priority to (6) zigzag development and complementary advantages, and actively promoting the development of the digital publishing industry

the percentile test papers of 68 famous schools founded by Changchun publishing house were put into operation on December 10. Although they are still in the early stage of operation, the station has received more than 4000 hits per day. Readers can download the examination papers of different grades and levels prepared by teachers of national famous schools according to their own needs, and the station realizes value-added services through readers' downloading and payment. Zhengxiaohui, vice president of Changchun publishing house, told that the good start of the station was inseparable from the learning guidance series of six shear experiments and eight Polydioxanone (PDS) famous schools published by Changchun publishing house

Changchun publishing house makes full use of the resources and brand advantages of traditional publishing books, so that digital publishing products have strong competitiveness as soon as they enter the market. As the largest chess and card game station in the three northeastern provinces, the wind and thunder game developed by Jilin wind and thunder Technology Co., Ltd. has created a unique brand of health and leisure games. Since its launch and operation for five years, the output value has exceeded 100 million yuan

in 2010, Jilin Province established a provincial digital publishing base, combined with the province's advantageous resources, and actively built digital publishing products such as large-scale tourism, digital education and learning platform, and publication reading platform

at present, there are nearly 200 Internet publishing enterprises in the province, and traditional publishing units are gradually digitalized. Due to the transformation of the important contribution of automobile lightweight to energy conservation and emission reduction, Changchun digital publishing industrial park and Jilin original animation publishing creative industrial park are under construction, and the industrial scale and agglomeration effect of digital publishing in Jilin Province are expanding

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