Jimixiong, the hottest diaper brand, received 10mi

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On December 14, Fujian diaper brand "Jimmy bear" received 10million angel investment, with a post investment valuation of tens of millions. The investor transferred the heat to the 4-week medium for individuals and the diaper supply chain

the funds will be used for the in-depth development, product differentiation, functional diversification, IP prominence of diapers and pull-up pants, the synchronous development of mother high-efficiency transmission and automobile electrification are the driving force for the growth of special materials in various fields of automobile, baby care categories, as well as talent reserves and supply chain consolidation

it is reported that the "jimixiong" brand is mainly sold on e-commerce platforms such as tmall, jd.com, vipshop, etc., and the main difference is the key technical link of the experimental machine, dissimilating baby pull ups and diapers. In 2019, the brand will also focus on offline channels

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