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On gift packaging teaching and modern life in Vocational Schools (Part 2)

VI. the operation skills of gift packaging art in teaching life. The so-called "design" is a product plan and technology that can be incorporated into the production track by measuring the tensile strength and plastic properties of materials through tensile experiments based on a certain purpose, and integrating social, human, economic, technical, psychological, physiological and other elements. Its task is to strengthen the attraction to customers by increasing the infectivity of the work, through the keen knowledge of consumer psychological research, and through the correction formula of the influence of inertia torque given by jjg1136 ⑵ 017 outside the work ti=-j (2 F) 2 (negative sign only indicates that the direction of inertia torque is opposite to the direction of angular displacement) and the aesthetic appeal of shape, color and structure. "Beautiful and perfect products can also establish people's excellent aesthetic outlook and thinking, that is, an effective way of aesthetic feeling."

art design includes shape design and color design. The only standard to measure the beauty and ugliness of the shape is the aesthetic principle summarized from people's life practice. Only the shape that conforms to the aesthetic principle is considered beautiful. It is from this perspective that aesthetics is called "the soul of design". Only by following aesthetic principles can artistic design create bright and vivid works of art

in the teaching of modeling design, students should be required to do the following:

first, guide students to explore and master the formal beauty of patterns in combination with professional art knowledge, and deal with the relationship between change and unity, organization and repetition. In combination with the theory of art major, master the basic rules of formal beauty: symmetry and balance, contrast and harmony, rhythm and rhythm, proportion and balance, etc., and give concrete and vivid expression in each work, so that students can truly understand and understand from the sense to intuition, and can freely apply them to the works. Pursue bold innovation in the packaging structure, and put forward the requirements for the richness, complexity and uniqueness of the packaging structure. In this way, students' thinking is more dexterous, and advocate learning from traditional and folk packaging structure methods, changing the structure again, and introducing it for their own use

French painter Pushan said that "the color in painting seems to be a bait to attract the eyes". Color has a variety of sensory functions. It is related to human emotions. Various colors will cause different associations and symbols

when appreciating the works, students find that color is closely related to people's lives. People in different countries and regions have different or even opposite color hobbies and taboos due to differences in historical traditions, national habits and customs. For example, in China, people advocate red, which is often used to symbolize happiness and good luck

secondly, in the application of packaging colors, students are required to make full use of the ingenious harmony and contrast between natural colors such as paper, leather, wood and the main color of the pattern, use these elements with their own unique feelings, boldly design and combine them into a new packaging environment

gift packaging art, with its unique shape and color, enhances people's spiritual communication at different cultural levels, so that people can reflect the charm of personality and humanity and the universality of world custom art in artistic aesthetics. Because people of different ages, genders and personalities like different colors and shapes, when packaging gifts, we should also choose the colors of packaging materials and the shape design of packaging. In foreign-related exchanges, we also need to take into account the preferences of different nationalities, countries and regions for color and shape. Therefore, the artistic packaging appropriately reflects the characteristics of personality and customs, which can make the goods that are not very expensive in the hand, after careful design and packaging, improve their status and satisfy customers

in addition to art design, we should also pay attention to the following aspects in teaching to create packaging art works:

first, the diversity of packaging materials. Emphasize the use of contrast materials and natural materials, and make full use of the thick texture and simple flavor of natural materials, such as aloe vera, bamboo products, hay, etc. On the other hand, a large number of modern new packaging and printing paper are borrowed to build a new image of packaging and effectively connect the tension value with the sample gauge distance, so as to enrich the artistic language

second, combined with quality education, cultivate students' practical ability, requiring students to make by themselves, supplemented by computer production, to obtain a sense of handcraft art and grade of modern packaging, reflecting personalized production requirements, improving students' production interest, and mobilizing their potential and enthusiasm

third, if gift packaging works can give people a sense of beauty, they must be carefully tempered and have a breakthrough. Students are required to explore excellent art of beauty. In terms of form, they must strive to pursue innovation. They should not only be the imitator and operator of gift packaging art, but also be the designer of gift packaging, and carefully Carve every gift to be packaged in their hands as art

fourth, in the packaging serialization combination, it requires the organic unity of the overall cooperation and the regular changes of details, so as to exercise students' overall combination ability, the ability to expand and deepen the packaging language, and inspire students' imagination and creativity. At the same time, we should let students experience many principles of artistic thinking in creative design

VII. Use packaging art teaching to cultivate students' comprehensive quality

in teaching, pay attention to guiding students to treat gift packaging art as a social symbol to convey information, treat packaging art as the creation of symbolic human emotional forms, and receive machine printed invoices when early remittance can be checked in, so that students can realize that "gift packaging art" is an art to convey ideas and a bridge to communicate international friendly contacts, It has certain sociality. The utility of the beauty of packaging art is not only reflected in economy and practicality, but also in spirit. It needs to have a certain theme, and designers need to pay more attention to current affairs every day. The design should strive to vividly reflect the positive theme, show the new atmosphere of social life in the historical development of human society, especially in the construction of spiritual civilization, and show the beautiful feelings of human beings

take the design guidance of the municipal entry -- "happy Doll" as an example. How can a simple little doll be designed into a meaningful art packaging? First, determine the theme. "Happy baby" should reflect the happy life of children in the spiritual civilization construction of socialist countries. Second, design the shape of the work. No one in the world is more familiar with the art of gift giving than the Japanese, whose packaging is exquisite and moving, and the packaging art is also of world attention. The palace paper folding art is a well-known folk art in Japan, so students were guided to learn from foreign art and designed a lucky box for the little doll. Third, boldly explore patterns and colors. In order to increase the aesthetic effect of the doll's figure modeling and make it have a certain artistic appeal, I inspire students to properly deal with the design and production of colors, patterns and trinkets. Finally, "happy Doll" won the first place in the city's "future builder" skill competition. The students tasted the joy of success. In their study and exploration, they really realized that to become an excellent packaging designer, first, they should strengthen their aesthetic ability, second, they should improve their practical ability, and third, they should give full play to their decorative skills. Through the study and training of packaging courses, students' practical ability, aesthetic ability and understanding of gift packaging art in life have also developed rapidly, and students' quality in all aspects has been significantly improved

in teaching practice, it is necessary to cultivate high-quality professionals and a new generation of people with both hands-on ability, exploration spirit and innovation ability. The instructors themselves should "take the lead", be diligent in thinking, have the courage to explore and constantly innovate

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