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Brief discussion on Heidelberg's concept of high efficiency and high value

the concept of hei= high efficiency and hei= high value has been popular with new and old customers of Heidelberg as soon as it is launched. What is the reason why the concept of high efficiency and high value is popular? Where is the concept of high efficiency and value-added embodied? In fact, it is contained in the following five points

1. Raw materials

at drupa 08 exhibition, Heidelberg made every effort to build saifeiyang brand in the field of printing materials; In China print 2009, Heidelberg and Beijing Jianhong jointly created saifeiyang's lighting up printing art journey. Saifeiyang is the brand name of the printing material series provided by Heidelberg for the whole production process, with a very complete range. Printing materials are a small part of the whole process of printing production, but the high quality of printing materials and the high efficiency of printing machines need the cooperation of printing materials in order to truly achieve the desired effect. This is the advantage of saifeiyang

all products of saifeiyang have been carefully selected and strictly tested, which can not only shorten downtime, improve work efficiency, but also have high compatibility, ensure the longevity of equipment and efficient printing, and the complete variety can meet the needs of the whole production process. Heidelberg will also provide professional advice on how to choose and apply printing materials. What else can enterprises rest assured

in addition, saifeiyang's high environmental performance often exceeds the industry standard, which can save a lot of environmental protection costs for enterprises

2. Equipment

in addition to high efficiency, there is another factor that cannot be ignored, which is the environmental protection performance that is increasingly valued by the world

as an industry leader, Heidelberg naturally will not fall behind. As early as the 2004 drupa exhibition, Heidelberg showed the classic product of xuba xl105. The classic of xuba xl105 is that it is the world's first certified carbon balanced printing equipment. The greenhouse gases produced by the machine in the production process are calculated and compensated. Through comprehensive testing, PE international, an environmental impact expert, has calculated relevant parameters from the acquisition of raw materials to the production, testing and transportation of printing materials to the printing plant. The xuba xl105 passed the rigorous test, and finally obtained the proof of carbon balance, becoming the symbol of Heidelberg equipment to create a new environmental protection model

on the contrary, there are still many enterprises that do not put environmental protection into their daily work arrangements, and some enterprises are still lucky even under the encouragement of national policies, not to mention actively spending costs to develop equipment with high environmental performance, which is a sharp comparison at present. A well-known domestic printer manufacturer once believed that the distance between the domestic and international printer manufacturing levels is accelerating and has been shortened to about 10 years. But to be fair, this gap is more than 10 years, and the initiative of environmental awareness alone can no longer be compared. With the improvement of printing machine manufacturing level, printing quality, printing machine efficiency and printing machine stability may not be the most important measurement standards to measure the printing machine manufacturing level. Because of the special requirements of the environment, the environmental protection performance of the equipment is likely to catch up. Then the future scene is that the domestic printing machine manufacturing level is far behind the international level only in terms of environmental protection. When can we really catch up with this repeated backwardness

3. Workflow

the optimization of workflow almost integrates all the advantages of Heidelberg. Factors such as high-end technology condensed equipment, comprehensive printing materials with high compatibility, comprehensive solutions, perfect after-sales service, innovative ideas, etc. enable Heidelberg to provide users with efficient and value-added workflow

4. Service

Heidelberg is the only supplier in the printing industry that can provide a full range of pre press, printing and post press services. Heidelberg's customer service covers all-round needs in the customer's production process, from the whole production process to the customer's investment, installation of equipment, daily production, and machine depreciation. Heidelberg even considers the whole life cycle of the customer's resale of equipment or equipment scrapping after a certain period of time. Heidelberg calls these corresponding supporting services system services

the system service mainly involves six aspects, including technical service, original parts service, project management, output optimization, service and personalized training. Only by considering problems from the standpoint of users can we provide users with the most considerate services. Obviously, Heidelberg knows this well and takes great pains to improve the system services from time to time. For example, the E-call launched at the 2008 drupa exhibition is a new function based on the original remote service. Before that, remote services were a little passive. Users can call for help if they find problems when operating the equipment, and Heidelberg technicians can help users solve problems through the Internet platform. The new E-call function has reversed this passive situation and turned passive into active. When the user finds the error message prompted by the computer system, Heidelberg can also receive the message at the same time and take the initiative to contact the user for help

Heidelberg's sense of service is recognized as super and capable of uniaxial compressive strength test, Brazilian splitting test and shear test. For Heidelberg, service is both a product and a solution, and Heidelberg is committed to providing users with efficient solutions in exchange for common progress

5. Solutions

Heidelberg's integrated solution concept is not well-known in the printing industry, but at least it is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The introduction of this concept can be traced back to the drupa exhibition in 2000. After ten years, this concept and practice plan have become more targeted and perfect. The integrated solution specifically covers five printing segments: small and medium format business printing, large-scale business printing, package printing with the development of flame retardant materials, trademark printing and professional post press processing. Today, the fierce competition in the market has created the business characteristics of printing enterprises, and Heidelberg integrated solutions can provide customized solutions for users

unlike the miscellaneous brands launched by some enterprises by integrating equipment and software of different brands, Heidelberg's integrated solution is truly integrated. Based on Heidelberg's strong independent R & D capability, Heidelberg can provide a full set of equipment and software independently without relying on other enterprises. Compared with the non brand army, it is obvious that the compatibility of the regular army is better. How can traditional enterprises act is more convenient, reliable, efficient and value-added

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