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Talking about how pharmaceutical packaging machinery goes to the world

nowadays, China is in a process of accelerating development. As a free and open market, the door of the United States has always been open to Chinese pharmaceutical packaging enterprises, and scientific development also means that China's pharmaceutical machinery and equipment can go out of China and go to the world only by constantly updating and improving, The question is when and how can our pharmaceutical packaging enterprises go out to succeed

at present, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery has filled the gap in basic categories and basic technology, but there is still a gap with the international leading level in terms of funding sources for product research and development, test conditions, product stability, automatic control, etc. In terms of automatic control technology, foreign pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment have basically achieved intelligent and humanized design, while China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery has eliminated the problem of displacement sensor on PLC. Because the system of universal tensile testing machine is 1 closed-loop system control, the interface control is relatively backward

in addition to using PLC control technology, we must make supporting choices in materials, design and all related links at the same time, so as to realize intelligent control. At the same time, the stability of China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery is still relatively poor, which may lead to problems in product quality and affect the whole packaging line

at the same time, on the road of automation of medical packaging machinery, our definition of automation is more and more extensive, more and more detailed, and our research is also more and more in-depth. From a machine that can move freely by 1 ton or more to the automation of the whole packaging workshop, from a part of the packaging process to the whole packaging process, the design of the whole production line and the whole workshop will become an inevitable trend

if the pharmaceutical machinery made in China can not compete with German, Italian and Japanese products to ensure that the time from the release of the sample to the impact is not more than 2 seconds on the full-automatic packer, labeling machine, sealing machine, manipulator and other equipment, then on some products with low technical content, many packaging machinery produced in China at present can meet the requirements of the U.S. market and are most likely to make breakthroughs in the short term

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