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How to prevent rural fire accidents under the new situation

the proposal of the CPC Central Committee on formulating the 11th Five Year Plan for national economic and social development, passed by the Fifth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee, clearly puts forward the major historical task of building a new socialist countryside, and points out the direction for doing a good job in the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers at present and in the future. To build a new socialist countryside, we must adhere to the development of rural economy as the center, and further liberate and develop rural productive forces; To build a new socialist countryside, we must promote the overall progress of rural economy and society. The large rural population is the national condition of our country. Only by developing the rural economy, building farmers' homes, and allowing farmers to live a comfortable life, can we ensure that all people share the fruits of economic and social development, continuously expand domestic demand and promote the plastic film blowing machine industry to keep up with the pace of the times, and the national economy continues to develop. The economy is developing, the society is progressing, and the new rural construction is also making great strides forward, but the rural fire has never stopped, not only has it not stopped, but also has an obvious upward trend year by year. According to statistics, in 2005, the National Rural Fire accounted for more than 60% of all fires, so the rural fire has become a huge obstacle to the new rural construction, but also restricts the rural economic development, and has become a stumbling block to the new socialist rural construction. Facing the phenomenon of frequent rural fires, strengthening rural fire protection work is also a major work in front of the fire forces. How to prevent rural fires, the author believes that we should start from the following two aspects:

first, we should start from the essential work of the fire department. In 2006, the No. 1 central document clearly pointed out that we should strengthen rural fire prevention work, build a safe countryside, and create a social environment for farmers to live and work in peace and contentment. In recent years, rural fires have occurred frequently, and the number of economic losses and casualties has increased year by year, which has had a great impact on rural economic construction and social stability. In view of this phenomenon, the author believes that fire prevention and relevant departments should take the following preventive measures:

first, strengthen fire prevention publicity and education, and improve farmers' awareness of fire safety. Lack of fire knowledge and weak awareness of fire safety are the main factors causing rural fires. Effective measures should be taken to strengthen the publicity and education of fire prevention knowledge and fire prevention laws and regulations in combination with activities such as cultural trips to the countryside and legal education, so as to enhance the farmers' awareness of fire safety. The fire department should make use of major festivals, holidays and 119 publicity days to carry out strong publicity in rural areas, and use rich and colorful publicity and education such as leaflets, banners, film and television, radio, etc. in rural areas, this has greatly increased the intensity of a good atmosphere in which adults talk about fire prevention, villages pay attention to fire prevention, and households ensure safety. All township governments should incorporate fire protection laws and regulations into local law popularization education, carry out fire safety education in a planned way, and improve farmers' legal concept of fire protection

second, we should speed up the construction of various forms of fire brigade and improve the overall combat ability to resist fire. We should actively develop various forms of rural fire-fighting teams according to economic development and the actual situation in various regions. Towns and townships with conditions can set up full-time and part-time fire brigades and volunteer fire brigades, equipped with fire-fighting vehicles and necessary fire-fighting equipment; The village committee should organize the backbone militia and young backbone to establish a voluntary fire brigade. Villages with a relatively good economic foundation and relatively concentrated enterprises can establish various forms of full-time fire brigade according to the needs of fire work

third, public security organs and fire departments at all levels should integrate rural fire protection work into the rural social security prevention and control system and into various grass-roots peace building work according to the current work priorities. At the same time, we should effectively strengthen the law enforcement of rural fire protection, strictly review and accept all kinds of rural construction projects, especially for new plants, warehouses, gas stations, liquefied gas stations, public entertainment places and other buildings with high fire risk, which have not passed the fire protection review and acceptance, and resolutely stop their use. We should take the initiative to work, investigate and deal with in time, and severely crack down on all kinds of fire violations within the jurisdiction, Strictly regulate rural fire fighting behavior

IV. fire control work should start from the surname, and should start from the school. All primary and secondary schools should take fire safety as a routine safety education, and often invite professional fire-fighting staff to give lectures in schools. All fire departments should also carefully carry out fire-fighting publicity into schools, open fire stations and other activities, and establish the awareness of fire prevention among primary and secondary students through publicity and education

secondly, we should start from the countryside and farmers themselves. The main reasons for the frequent occurrence of rural fires are as follows: first, farmers' awareness of fire safety is not strong and their awareness of prevention is poor. Second, there is a lack of fire-fighting facilities and water; Third, the management of rural power consumption is relatively chaotic; Fourth, there is a lack of unified guidance to verify the feasibility of flotation desulfurization technology for ultra-high sulfur bauxite with sulfur content greater than 4%. In view of the above reasons for the frequent occurrence of rural fires, the author believes that the following points should be done to prevent rural fire accidents:

first, farmers' awareness of fire safety should be improved. Through fire protection publicity, fire safety can really go deep into the countryside and into the thoughts of every farmer, so that every farmer can skillfully master how to escape and save himself in case of fire attack, and truly improve the safety awareness of every farmer to pay attention to fire prevention at all times and everywhere

second, we should increase the construction of rural fire-fighting infrastructure. Each village should build fire pools in the landlord where the villagers live together, and keep the fire pools always full of water; A large amount of fire sand (soil) can be stacked near inflammables; At the same time, villages with conditions should purchase multiple water pumps for future use

third, we should often check and repair the wires and circuits in our homes, and replace the aging wires by professional electricians; Always check the electrical equipment at home to prevent leakage, and pay attention to unplugging the electrical plug after using the electrical appliance to prevent fire; It is strictly forbidden to pull and connect wires without permission

IV. establish a fire safety organization, identify fire safety workers, specifically organize and carry out fire publicity and education, fire safety inspection and patrol, supervise and urge the elimination of fire hazards, and completely eliminate the unsafe factors of new rural construction

building a new socialist countryside is the grand goal of the party during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period. The construction of a new countryside requires the joint efforts of the whole society. As a fire department, it should provide security services for the construction of a new socialist countryside with its own practical actions, strive to minimize the fire, push forward the pace of the construction of a new socialist countryside, and do not let the fire become a stumbling block to the construction of a new socialist countryside

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