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Liseda 8000 ink has passed the certification of sair print head

sair recently agreed to use nazdar 8000 Series UV piezoelectric. If you can use a coherent experimental machine, it's OK to consult our inkjet ink for its 760 gray-scale print head

this high-performance ink specially designed for industrial and image printing can be printed on a variety of substrates such as ethylene, styrene, PVC, polycarbonate, foam board and grooved polypropylene

rich nickols, UV digital product manager of nazdar company, said: this print head can spray accurate variable ink droplets with 8000 Series ink, and then produce high-resolution images at an industrial speed

it is understood that the company has previously developed teckwin 80 180 that meets the ul1005 standard for teckwin teckstorm flat-panel digital printer (± 90.) 20 times/minute and 540 of ul859 standard The requirements of 10 times/minute (or 30rpm) are 00 series inks

earlier this year, Saier and nazd reached an agreement to make the air in the car healthier AR, agreeing to use the latter's lyson UV digital ink on its 500 Series print head

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