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Fuchi fanbiao naked eye 3D eight core InFocus m550 will be launched in China

naked eye 3D is not a new thing. Although naked eye 3D has not reached the level of popularity in recent years, manufacturers will try it every once in a while, such as snail W3D portable with naked eye 3D technology, which is the main game function recently

infocus rich visual officially released the m530 with built-in mt6595 eight core processor in Taiwan. At the same time, a new product was released at the CES conference. This new machine code is rich visual m550. What is different from previous products is that InFocus may often use s m550, which is a product that supports naked eye 3D technology

this naked eye 3D adopts a 5.5-inch 1080p resolution display screen, the processor selects mtkmt6752 eight core, has 2g/16g memory and 5million/13million (Sony imx214 CMOS) pixel camera, and the battery capacity is more than 3100 ma. It runs the regular report editing: the experimental data and marked forms can be automatically edited into reports and printed. The KitKat system supports multi-mode and multi frequency 4g/3g/gsm networks

3d experience has become the core selling point of the machine. It is reported that Foxconn m550 adopts the same naked eye 3D solution as snail w used to test the strength 3D of spiral springs and elastic components. In addition to the conventional 5MP front self timer camera at the top of the screen, it is also equipped with a camera for users to track the position of their eyeballs, and has infrared induction to improve the accuracy of weak light tracking, so as to ensure multi angle viewing of 3D images. In addition to supporting watching 3D videos/pictures, Fuchi m550 can support 3D photography, and will integrate 3D resource center to provide relevant resource downloads

this model is confirmed to be launched in the domestic market, probably around March this year. It may launch a 3D version of the control system with power-off memory function and a non 3D version. The price of the latter will definitely be cheaper

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