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During the rice noodles Festival, Lanxun chinacache accelerated the purchase experience of "rice noodles"

on April 8, 2014, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., there were seven consecutive rush purchases, with 1.3 million sets, 5000 Xiaomi TVs and 100000 Xiaomi boxes. The online transaction scale once again refreshed the record of Xiaomi transactions, giving birth to another Xiaomi miracle. As a single enterprise, Xiaomi successfully carried out an e-commerce Carnival of one million units with its own e-commerce platform. There is no new product release, no offline activities, instead of online e-commerce shopping carnival, which is a new and very successful attempt of the 2014 rice noodle festival

Xiaomi is also an e-commerce enterprise in essence. Li Wanqiang, co-founder and vice president of Xiaomi, said that 70% of the channel weight is borne by Xiaomi. Like many e-commerce platforms, how to ensure the normal operation of the platform and improve the purchase experience of rice noodles has become a particular concern of the Xiaomi family. Xiaomi's existing marketing model requires partners with strong service capabilities to do a good job in rush buying activities. The technical support of Lanxun chinacache is very important for Xiaomi, Li Wanqiang said

traffic surged, and Lanxun helped

Xiaomi company test water e-commerce for the first time in August 2011, selling 900 engineering prototypes in Xiaomi. In December, 2011, the first round of Xiaomi was scheduled to rush for 3 hours to sell out 100000 units. However, the growth and purchase enthusiasm of rice noodles far beyond imagination also brought a lot of pressure to the young Xiaomi e-commerce system. Xiaomi's customer service director said on Weibo that due to the large traffic of the company's recycled aerospace grade pickleball pads, there may be delays in the synchronization of Alipay information with Xiaomi's data and the loading of order pages, which has affected the purchase experience of many rice noodles

since the third round of Xiaomi sales began in January 2012, the supply of this time has unexpectedly reached a record 500000 units. Why can Xiaomi's network service remain unimpeded with so many shipments this time? This has aroused widespread concern in the industry

unlike in the past, Xiaomi e-commerce business system has reached a cooperation agreement with Lanxun chinacache (hereinafter referred to as Lanxun chinacache), China's leading provider of overall network service solutions, in order to deal with the influx of booking users and payment security issues. By applying the content aware network service of Lanxun chinacache, we can improve the access speed and security of the station, create a faster, more secure and reliable network environment for users, and help Xiaomi successfully complete the third round of network pre orders

the head of Xiaomi technology said: Lanxun chinacache played an important role in Xiaomi's pre purchase. With the help of Lanxun chinacache's station acceleration and resource allocation services, we doubled the server and bandwidth resources to provide a more stable and fast station use experience for the influx of customers. Lanxun chinacache applied its advanced network technology, and a professional and high-quality technical service team specially established for the Xiaomi project helped us successfully complete the network opening sales. Faced with a total of 10million access requests in three hours, Xiaomi's access speed was not affected, but improved. According to the actual operation report of the station during the sales period, the application of CDN acceleration solution has effectively improved the access speed of Xiaomi, reduced the page opening time and the time of the word being queried to the shortest, greatly improved the user's access experience and escorted the purchase of rice noodles

guarantee rice noodle festival and help Xiaomi e-commerce adult ceremony

load weight 2.5kg × 3 + 1.25Kg = 8.75kg

April 8th, 2014 was another moment of miracle. Xiaomi sold more than 1.3 million sets, 5000 Xiaomi TVs and 100000 Xiaomi boxes. In terms of accessories, Xiaomi sold 740000 mobile power supplies, 520000 piston earphones, 200000 portable WiFi, and 170000 meter rabbit alloy wear-resistant washing corrosion strength testing machines to slide friction situation dolls, etc. Unlike tmall's double 11, Xiaomi, as a single enterprise, used its own e-commerce platform to carry out promotional activities on a scale of one million units, which was the first time in its history and set a new record in the industry. As a long-term partner of Xiaomi, Lanxun chinacache has set up a project team for Xiaomi rice flour festival to allocate company resources and personnel support one month in advance to help Xiaomi achieve this historic moment

Xiaomi's technical director said that Lanxun chinacache not only supports CDN, but also provides Xiaomi with a lot of strong support in terms of it basic resources, networks and so on. Lanxun chinacache's static page acceleration and file distribution services ensure that our rice noodles have a high-quality purchase experience, and the whole process availability is as high as 99.5%; At the same time, it reduces the investment of Xiaomi bandwidth equipment personnel. Through real-time monitoring services, we can help Xiaomi understand the user access effect in real time, and we can focus on Xiaomi products and rice flour activities; The rice noodles Festival is guaranteed by stable network services, which really makes our rice noodles explode

e-commerce observers believe that from the current growth rate, it is not difficult to achieve Xiaomi's goal of 100 million sales of 1000 detailed product details of steel wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine in 2015. In fact, according to its size, Xiaomi is the third largest e-commerce company in China after Alibaba and With the continuous and rapid growth of the sales scale of Xiaomi products, Lei Jun, the founder and chairman of Xiaomi technology, predicted that the load of e-commerce departments will also be 500000 ~ 1million orders per week in the future. The rice flour festival in April is a transformation of Xiaomi e-commerce. It tests how much network support it has. After that, Xiaomi will continue to run on the road to meet the rice flour purchase experience

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