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Rice bran cloud: rectify 170 names and put armor on customers' privacy

the telecommunications fraud that made a lot of noise some time ago has caused a sensation in the entire communications industry and its surrounding products. At the same time, the virtual segment number of 170/171 virtual operators is also popular. Even the headline of a certain newspaper impressively wrote that 170/171 had become the hardest hit area. Let a lot of friends who didn't know know know 170, the star of the communication industry. Many enterprises and platforms not only speak out, but also believe who else should we trust when the virtual number used to protect the privacy of our customers has become a sharp weapon of fraud

what is 170? Segment 170 is the exclusive segment of virtual operators. It is the virtual segment number issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology in addition to the three major operators in order to develop telecommunications services. Virtual operators have no core network resources and need to rent the infrastructure of operators to establish their own virtual network. Virtual number has developed rapidly with its flexibility. Combined with Internet technology, it has launched new products of number protection. Shenzhou bus took the lead in using 170 virtual numbers on the platform to protect customers' privacy. Then, Didi Uber, banks and real estate platforms used virtual numbers to protect customers' privacy. In recent times, fraud cases have been frequently exposed, pushing 170 to the forefront. Everyone could not help shivering when they saw the beginning of 170 and 171 and refused to answer the call

how should enterprises choose? The virtual small number, which was originally considered for the privacy protection of the customer's number, is now directly rejected by the customer. Progress and reform are inherently difficult things. Can we just give up eating because of choking

rice bran cloud is the first batch of manufacturers to make virtual numbers. After the virtual number fraud case broke out, he realized the seriousness of the problem. Although the simple virtual number binding can solve the problem of enterprise number leakage, it may be followed by fraud. How to solve this problem has become a headache for rice bran cloud. Number marking: today, there is still a large market space for the development of the extruder industry. The rice bran trumpet, a product of rice bran cloud, has been comprehensively upgraded, and the virtual number has been newly marked with enterprise information, giving enterprises a positive name, and giving 170 a positive name. At the same time, the other end will continue to be fixed on the fixed jaw base; There are also two clamping claws on the fixed clamping claw seat. The virtual number + cloud call center mode is used to lock privacy. Rice bran cloud adopts the ax and AXB modes of rice bran small, cooperates with the cloud call center system, and then adds the brand-new enterprise information annotation of No. 170. It hopes to ensure the privacy of customers and eliminate fraud by calling out enterprise information display, call center control and other means. This is undoubtedly a blessing for real estate agents, taxi logistics, dating and home decoration. In addition to protecting the privacy of customer numbers from theft, each face has an irreplaceable unique charm and order skipping, while highlighting the enterprise information. Before writing, the peeling of the test surface due to bleeding should be gently wiped off with a warm cloth. Rice bran cloud hopes to put the armor on customers' privacy and give enterprises and customers a peace of mind by marking the 170 number with its own virtual cloud call center system

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