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Rice bran cloud: establish an omni channel call center and create a new generation of customer service platform

with the rapid development of Internet and mobile Internet, the way people communicate is also gradually changing, which has affected all industries in life. The customer service department, the external contact center of the enterprise, is also undergoing drastic upgrading. How can the customer service department really get in touch with customers and serve them well

where the customer is, our customer service should be. Establish an omni channel call center to build a new generation of customer service platform

traditional customer service centers are mostly dominated. Pre sales and after-sales call in and call out through the professional CA ll center system in recent years to conduct return visits and customer service reception. This has indeed solved the previous enterprise contact problem. However, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, the way people communicate is also changing. People are more accustomed to using one to solve problems. When I need it, I can contact the enterprise and handle relevant business by opening the app; When I need it, I can open,,, and find customer service and ask relevant questions. Who is the first to lay out the omni channel and who can divide the industry cake

rice bran cloud is a veteran of the call center industry with 10 years of experience. Understand the needs and pain points of the customer service industry. This time, we will make every effort to build an omni channel call center and pledge to raise the customer service center to a higher level. The creation of the omni channel call center this time is based on the cloud call center, integrating multiple channels such as app, Weibo, and instant customer service. Combined with the customer service work order process, it plays an irreplaceable role in assisting the customer service platform in all fields of food, beverage, daily necessities, industrial and agricultural production

just like the well-known easy product, it must produce high-quality products. Rice bran cloud also builds every product with the spirit of craftsman

integrated multimedia Omni channel, mainly call center, full information display. Avoid WDS ⑴ 00 liquid crystal digital display electronic universal experimental machine is also very popular! You are welcome to inquire about the experimental machine by calling, so as to avoid the mixing and repetition of information from different channels. More intelligent customer service and knowledge base, automatic response to customer questions, greatly improving the efficiency of human seats

all products of rice bran cloud will remain open. Webim interface, mobile IM interface, official account interface, Weibo customer service interface and other high-frequency fatigue testing machines are opened in all channels after the corresponding test fixture of the equipment, seamlessly integrate the customer system, and improve the management ability and efficiency of the customer service system as a whole

Omni channel integration enables unified management of customer historical access information. No matter which channel he accesses, the access track and historical issues will be displayed. So that every customer service can be well informed of customer needs and improve the overall effect of customer service

as the back-end support of an enterprise, the customer service center has greater responsibility. Our rice bran cloud is willing to use more technology accumulation to support services. (follow mixcom01 for more information and industry knowledge)

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