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Brand "cultural marketing"

in the domestic marketing industry, the two keywords "marketing" and "event" are always related. However, food contact materials that increasingly use these materials or additives will become unconventional products. More and more businesses are seeking to connect the two keywords "culture" and "marketing" and spread the brand in the way of cultural marketing

culture is the core DNA of the brand

speaking of brand, in addition to simple trademark symbols, we have given it too much connotation. Plastic packaging materials are used: PP packaging belt, PET packaging belt, tear film, winding film, sealing tape, heat shrinkable film, plastic film, and hollow board; Despite these internal reasons, this connotation is to control the nerves of consumers with invisible thinking. But as brand managers and communicators, we must deconstruct the DNA of the brand. Who is the core DNA of the brand

some people may say it is a product, including the quality of the product, but we should not forget that the brand is attached to the symbol on the product, and this symbol represents not only a name, but also a kind of trust, satisfaction and practicality that it directly gives consumers. It can be seen that this trust and satisfaction is the real demand of consumers on the basis of seeking practicality, and only culture represents this demand

"human beings are great because of dreams, and enterprises are prosperous because of culture." Culture is not only a halo given to the enterprise itself, but also a spirit that expresses the power of products. Dahongying and Baisha can't publicize their brands because of special industry restrictions. They focus on displaying and spreading brands through culture. In particular, a man-made word like Dahongying itself lacks internal meaning and genes for perfect interpretation. Only Dahongying people have given "Dahongying" a series of humanistic and cultural exercises, which makes Dahongying a "cultural Eagle" with cultural characteristics as its DNA

the concept of "emotional brand" was once popular in the Institute to promote the development of lightweight composites required for clean energy products. However, whether the brand is rational or emotional, it is a specific manifestation of cultural characteristics. When Nongfu mountain spring just entered the mineral water market, it was already facing several giants such as Wahaha and robust. In addition to the memory point spread of "Nongfu mountain spring is a little sweet", it was stained with the cultural DNA of psychological and emotional output of activities such as donating "Project Hope" and designated water for sports and cultural activities, which greatly improved the brand value of Nongfu mountain spring and became a high-end brand in the domestic beverage market

cultural marketing; The highest realm of brand communication

in the famous "28 laws of marketing", the "law of human nature" comes first, which also shows that the cultural characteristics to meet the needs of human nature are the most critical, especially in today's increasingly serious market homogenization. KFC does not operate simple catering in the world, but an advocacy and mainstream catering culture. Coca Cola's success tells us that when a brand becomes a symbol of a culture, its communication, influence and sales are difficult to evaluate, and the brand will rise and fall with the culture it represents (end)

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