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Rhodia's solvent products for polyurethane and other production won the prize

JEC group recently announced the list of winners of the 2010 JEC Asia Innovation Award. This year, the award will be presented at the JEC International Composites Asia Exhibition in Singapore on October, 2010. At that time, 9 companies and 17 partners that have made groundbreaking development in the field of composite applications will be on the stage to receive the award

rhodiasolv, an environmentally friendly solvent used in polyurethane production instead of traditional solvents, won the award for environmentally friendly raw materials. The details are as follows:

environmentally friendly raw materials

award winning products: environmentally friendly solvents for composite production

winner: Rhodia (China)

partner: DSM euroreins (Switzerland)

rhodiasolv is developed by Rhodia company, which is a solvent synthesized from polyamide compound by-products. Such diester molecules do not contain "warning property standard words" and can replace dangerous solvents such as ketones, chlorinated solvents, N-methyl pyrrolidone (NMP) or isophorone. The company has developed a variety of polycarbonate mixture products

nowadays, the voice for replacing volatile toxic solvents is growing. It is estimated that in the next ten years, the number of products that can be replaced by composite materials will be about tens of thousands of tons. Environmental friendly rhodiasolv has extremely low volatility, excellent solvent performance and non flammability. It can replace dichloromethane, NMP or acetone as polyester, epoxy products and polyurethane solvents

the research and development of this product officially began in 2005, while the development and registration of synthetic process and toxicological/ecotoxicological research were carried out in 2007. In 2008, the invention patent application was published; The formulation products for several application fields were successfully developed, and the life cycle member cross-section weakening period analysis was carried out. In 2009, the product attracted unprecedented attention from partners and major market customers as soon as it was launched, and the output was as high as several hundred tons. 2 Wang Longzhang pointed out that in 2010, product sales channels and industrial production units were officially established

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