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The cultural heritage of brand packaging

brand, according to the interpretation of modern Chinese dictionary, "refers to the names, terms, symbols, patterns, etc. used to identify one or a group of vendors' goods or services." Therefore, the core of implementing brand strategy is to make your brand visible to the buyer, occupy the buyer's mind at once, and buy willingly. This requires that modern enterprises must be realistic and pragmatic, forge ahead, strive for innovation, mark their brand with the brand of "I", develop a new style in the vast business sea, never follow suit, innovate everywhere, make breakthroughs in everything, truly face the market and play a unique brand

to implement the brand strategy, we must enhance the awareness of crisis, the overall situation, opportunity and competition, and carry forward the spirit of hard work. The so-called crisis awareness is to be dissatisfied with the brand, be prepared for danger in times of peace, constantly improve quality, and take precautions. The so-called awareness of the overall situation is to have the idea of national unity, resolutely give up brands that do not meet the overall situation, and concentrate on expanding and strengthening a number of brands. The so-called sense of opportunity is to emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts, seize the opportunity and develop ourselves. The key is to develop the economy and concentrate human, material, financial and energy to expand promising brands. The so-called competitive consciousness is to have foresight, foresight, honesty and trustworthiness, see the spirit in the details, and strictly abide by professional ethics and laws and regulations. As China is in the primary stage of socialism, there are 20 million people who have not yet solved the problem of food and clothing, which is also a kind of pressure for our employees in the tobacco industry. Moreover, the brand of our tobacco enterprises is not big enough, and there is a certain gap compared with foreign brands. Therefore, we have no reason to be complacent and complacent. We should work hard, say less and do more, support the development of the enterprise through hard work, and promote the realization of brand strategy

the current main task of the tobacco industry is to "deepen reform, promote restructuring, move towards unity and common development." In order to achieve this goal, we need to do a lot of hard and meticulous work. However, the most important thing is to grasp the brand strategy and keep it in the strategic position of the survival and development of enterprises, so as to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. On the one hand, we should choose some brands and make them bigger, better and stronger first. On the other hand, we should cultivate key brands with heart and concentration, and maintain them professionally and professionally

in the final analysis, the implementation of brand strategy is inseparable from talents. Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty said, "the use of people by the Ming Lord is like a craftsman's wood. The straight one thinks of the rut, the curved one thinks of the wheel, the old one thinks of the pillar, and the short one thinks of the arch angle." Thirdly, we should be dedicated to our work. Martin Luther King once said, "if a person is a cleaner, he should do Michelangelo painting, like Beethoven composing music, like Shakespeare writing, and clean the streets in the same mood." As long as you work hard, the realization of brand strategy is not a dream, but a bright future

at present, brand game cannot be separated from the cultural packaging of the internal and external elements of the brand. Brand game packaging is an important way to promote the mutual promotion and improvement of brands

with a little attention, we will find that no matter in any industry, brands of the same grade often have an excellent competitor. They are tit for tat in strategy and tactics, and constantly improve and surpass themselves in the process of brand game. Especially in the cultural packaging of the core concept of the brand. Any brand in a product category can be a competitor of leading brands in the industry, but it is not a player of leading brands. Game is an interdependent relationship. Both sides of the real game clearly understand what state they are in. This is the equilibrium state pursued by brand game - competition and cooperation

such examples can be easily found in many industries. Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola, mai2, the use and development trend of spring tension and compression testing machines with medium and small loads, and danglao and KFC are typical examples. They grow and improve together in brand game, leaving some followers far behind. There are many places worth thinking and summarizing about the characteristics and game process of both sides of their brand game, especially the core concept of the brand and cultural packaging

(I) the combination of homogeneity and difference in brand internal and external cultural packaging

"competition, cooperation" and external packaging are not blindly seeking similarities and absolute differences, but to seek a perfect combination between homogeneity and difference, so that the internal pursuit core of game brand and external packaging are different at the psychological level of consumers. It is understandable that the basic packaging of products is the same, but the appeal of the core concept should be different. In this way, the personality of the brand can be highlighted, thus affecting consumers' purchase decisions

(II) factors that need to be highlighted in the internal and external cultural packaging of brands

when it comes to the form of competition between brands, most of them focus on the two fundamentals of products and prices. The consumption of composite materials in vehicles accounts for about 1/3 of the total output of composite materials in Japan. Can Japan change the future of cars with its advantages in chemical technology? Current "packaging". Through different "cultural concept packaging" of brand appeal, it brings differences in consumers' psychological feelings and the main community

someone asked about the secret of Pepsi's success, and the answer was, "we found an excellent competitor, which is Coca Cola!" Taking Coca Cola as the "mirror", Pepsi Cola has grown rapidly. Their packaging culture is: "always a little more than Coca Cola in capacity, always displayed next to Coca Cola and strive to have more display space than it, and always lower than Coca Cola in price..."

(III) the internal and external cultural packaging of the brand transcend and penetrate each other

in the packaging process of brand game competition, there are also internal The process of mutual transcendence and penetration of external cultural packaging

for example, fast food industry. Relatively speaking, in the game of brand internal and external cultural packaging, the competition of consumer definition is weaker than the game of "packaging" at the level of product and price. People who like western fast food know that McDonald's hamburgers, French fries and KFC fried chicken legs have their own characteristics. Consumers distinguish the two brands through the differences in product packaging. However, with the acceleration of the game of packaging, both sides soon found that the gap in product packaging virtually separated the consumer market between each other. As a result, McDonald's and KFC began to penetrate into each other and constantly make up for the differences and deficiencies at the product level. Today, looking at these two western fast food brands, the gap between them at the product level is becoming smaller and smaller, and the basic consumer groups are also grouped into one category. Therefore, the competition between them focuses on "price war", "promotion war" and "service war"

according to the above examples, it can be concluded that the basis of brand "game packaging" is based on the basic commonality of brand packaging between the two sides of the game. Brand game packaging is the best mirror, which can make both sides of the game have enough clear minds to face their opponents. Packaging is an effective way to shape the brand or enhance competitiveness

in a word, brand game packaging is a method to study the behavior of opponents, interact with each other and maintain a balanced state. Introducing the concept of game into brand operation can clearly see each link of the opponent in the marketing environment; It can effectively avoid the deviation of 7000 tons of new product orders and the loss caused by blindly following the trend in market competition; Recognize the real competitors of brand packaging, and establish a new mutually beneficial competition mode, so that both sides of the game can share success

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