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Can rice also be "digitalized"? Unmanned aerial vehicles and new technologies have revolutionized grassland rice.

can original rice also be "digitalized"? Unmanned aerial vehicles and new technology are dirty, making grassland rice turn over completely

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original title: can rice also be "digitalized"? Drones and new technologies have turned grassland rice over completely.

people can't live better than people, and goods have to be thrown away. Rice is deeper than rice

previously, Wuchang rice in Heilongjiang was famous all over the world because of Gongmi's "identity", and was snapped up everywhere, resulting in a large number of counterfeits, "nine out of ten", which was not stopped until the last two years

but few people know that it is also in the "golden rice belt". The "grassland rice" produced in Xing'an League of Inner Mongolia is by no means inferior to Wuchang rice in quality

the main origin of rice in Xing'an League is in Horqin youyou Middle Banner (hereinafter referred to as "Keyou Middle Banner"). The local temperature difference between day and night is large, the crops are well ventilated, and the incidence rate of rice diseases and pests is low. Coupled with the rainy and hot weather conditions in the same season and abundant water resources, the rice tastes soft and sweet, and contains rich organic matter

unfortunately, although Keyou Middle Banner has thousands of acres of fertile land, it has long followed the traditional and decentralized small-scale farmer model. Farmers rely on heaven to feed themselves, grow and harvest themselves, which can only solve food and clothing, but they are unable to get rich further

as a result, there is no standardized production system, no brand and sales channels, so the rice can only be used as 1 The official Grain Reserve of 3 yuan/Jin wasted the local rare water and soil resources in vain, and also made the people have little hope of becoming rich. Since 1988, Keyou Middle Banner has been designated as a national poverty-stricken county

yes, the large scale of agriculture and many pain points are the opportunities. In Ma Yun's words: green water and green mountains can become golden mountains and silver mountains. As long as the right methods are used, we can get twice the result with half the effort

therefore, last September, Alibaba agricultural team signed a cooperation agreement with the government and enterprises of Keyou Middle Banner to jointly build a "digital farm" demonstration base. First, sell 40000 mu of local high-quality rice through Alibaba online and offline channels to improve the rice brand of Xing'an League; Second, Alibaba poverty alleviation fund will help farms lay agricultural IOT facilities and upgrade rice planting methods through new technologies

its essence is to use consumption interconnection to drive industrial interconnection, and use industrial interconnection to awesome consumption interconnection - market growth does not depend on demographic dividends, but on innovation dividends; The sales model is not driven by traffic, but by word-of-mouth. Emerging technologies do not have concepts, but are implemented

in this way, we can connect the whole value chain of farming, management, acquisition, logistics, trade, etc., realize the digital transformation of all links, fundamentally improve industrial efficiency, and complete industrial evolution

in this way, grassland rice can find the dependence of digital survival, complete the supply side reform, and stand on the outlet of consumption upgrading. Only in this way can it, as "focus" said, "change customers' perceptions of quality and affect their choices."

after that, Yuan Longping's "1000 Jin per mu" will become Ma Yun's "1000 US dollars per mu"

in a word, being a scavenger of traditional agriculture, a leader of new agriculture, holding the enabling hand of the bit world, and obtaining interconnected genes, grassland rice in Hinggan League has no inferior anxiety

break first and then stand

as the old saying goes: don't break, don't stand, break big. In today's Internet era, innovation is constantly changing. According to "native China", in the drastic changes, habits are the obstacles to adaptation, and experience is equal to stubbornness and backwardness

there is no doubt that rice, as a staple food, is a must for Chinese consumption, with a market scale of more than 700billion yuan, but the middle and low-end rice has 660billion yuan. If we can't get rid of the label of "middle and low-end", we can only fall into the "red sea" of homogeneous competition, and can't extricate ourselves from the circulation in the market of low price and low gross profit

according to some reports, the sales of high-end rice this year will exceed 30billion yuan, and double to 60billion yuan in five years. Mass consumption is jumping from "need (all projects are expected to be completed in 2018)" to "want" and then to "value". Quality consumption has become the mainstream consumption concept, and consumption classification has become the mainstream consumption trend

according to Xu Xin, the "Queen of investment", consumers have changed and tried film, sole and other materials. The channel has changed and the competition pattern has also changed

an entrepreneur in Keyou Middle Banner told xiaohaozi: in the past, rice farmers ran around the country carrying rice samples, which was time-consuming, laborious and expensive. Many people were forced to accept all kinds of hidden rules and pay 10000 entry fees to offline channels. Even so, it might take half a year to complete a supermarket

in addition, some people gnash their teeth into TV advertisements, hoping to shape the brand. Unfortunately, there is no systematic way to play, and they can't earn money at a loss. They suffer bitterly in exchange for heart blockage

yes, there is no super ability or cash ability. There is still a distance of countless costs between ordinary rice farmers and the dream of becoming rich

nowadays, prairie rice is connected to Alibaba economy, without the exorbitant donation and miscellaneous fees like supermarkets. It directly logs on platforms such as tmall supermarket. At the same time, it handles offline channels such as RT mart and HEMA, and it synchronizes to more than 300 stores of RT Mart overnight

"the establishment of these channels is based on the application of Alibaba digital agriculture, not on Alibaba's face." Zhang Xinguang, an expert from Alibaba's Ministry of agricultural development, explained

on the double 11 of last year, Alibaba also sent special personnel to Xingan League to solve the problems of production, transportation, page design, after-sales and so on, so that the new grassland rice products can obtain the resources of tmall's main venue, which has won 200000 people's attention and sold more than 16000 pieces

in addition, the first anchor of Kwai, "brother Sanda", broadcast live to help farmers, and sold more than 200000 kilograms of rice in less than a minute. In addition, Taobao red "Weiya" and Star Avenue champion Liu Dacheng awesome, broadcast live twice at the end of April to guide social forces to pay attention to poverty alleviation. After this battle, the direct sales of rice in Xing'an League exceeded 600000 Jin, and successfully counter attacked as a landmark brand

undoubtedly, to truly achieve the "integration of product (brand) and effect (fruit)" is far better than the simple advertising "coin scattering"

everything is like what "the essence of business" describes: "business is the process of seeking truth and building mutual trust". To explore the truth of trading, we should have technology; Build mutual trust with consumers and rely on partners. The rest, you are only responsible for the wonderful, God has his own arrangements

attack the highland

of course, seizing the user's mind, planting and pulling grass is just the beginning. More importantly, controlling the "diamond" in the supply chain and seizing the highland of the industry, so as to "stay in daily use and directly create a pre-existing situation"

after all, in order for an industry to complete the upgrading of "data intelligence (capability)" and form a set of "commercial operating system", it cannot only rely on the high-energy release of a certain link. It must be the digital transformation, interconnection and high coordination of all infrastructure, so as to jointly drive the reform of the production mode of the whole society

in the past, the failure of o2o was that it only wanted to open the marketing channel and solve the traffic problem. As a result, the "Feifan e-commerce" pieced together by Wanda, Tencent and Baidu failed; Or like door-to-door massage, cooking and other vertical applications, failed

therefore, in the planting, management, collection and other links of grassland rice, governments, enterprises, farmers, and Ali should work together to transform traditional small-scale agriculture into modern large-scale agriculture, which requires both high technology and grounding

for example, in the seed selection stage, Ali arranged suitable rice seeds according to the consumption data, the quality of rice preferred by men, women and children, and the local climate. After that, the joint venture provided farmers with seeds, unified seedling raising and planting. The accumulated temperature of rice flower flavor varieties is not enough, and there are greenhouses to build. In case of problems, there is technical assistance

then, introduce field intelligent weather stations, intelligent water-saving irrigation and other equipment, establish IOT, deploy AI edge computing server, monitor and analyze field environment, meteorology, rice growth, phenology, etc. in real time, and irrigate and weed more scientifically

coupled with drone patrols, infrared spectroscopy can identify various pests and diseases and their distribution, and can accurately spray low toxic and low residue pesticides. One mu of land can be completed in minutes with yuan

when the rice is mature, Alibaba and the processing plant will purchase it at a premium of% to avoid the grain price hurting farmers and profiteers pressing down prices. After the upgrading of varieties, the purchase price rose from 1.3 yuan/jin to 1.7 yuan/Jin, and rice farmers earned an extra 230 yuan/mu. On average, each household increased its income by nearly 10000 yuan per year

because the market price of rice produced in the past was 1.95 yuan/Jin, but now the grassland rice can be sold to 4.9 yuan/Jin. The action of the main hydraulic cylinder of the experimental machine is mainly controlled by the industrial computer plus the qualified d/a, digital i/o, measurement card handling and PLC. The premium is more than twice. The processing plants and distributors are profitable, so they are naturally willing to win over the rice farmers and receive the goods at a high price

finally, cainiaolo built a cluster warehouse from field to table for Xing'an League rice, helping farmers reduce logistics costs by half and improve logistics timeliness by%. In this way, rice can smoothly enter the market without policy subsidies

it can be seen that under the "digital farm", all links of the supply chain operate properly, share profits properly, have less cost and higher efficiency. "Relying on feeling, experience and luck" has become history, and all past deaths have been cured by technology

on this basis, grassland rice can ensure consistent quality, stable output, and good reputation. It can reverse the brand and sales, so that the production, supply, and marketing cycle can obtain the "better one" with Matthew effect

as Ma Yun said: to win the market, we must rely on innovation, not budget; To make profits, we must rely on technology, not scale

at the beginning of this year, Keyou Middle Banner officially "lifted the hat on poverty", and there is still a long way to go for "Rural Revitalization". The rise of Xing'an League rice is the hope of the whole banner

yes, the first shot of digital farm has been fired. It aims to establish a brand and a bureau for farmers and local people. In this way, agriculture has depth, commerce has temperature, and the future is more open

now, this model is being replicated all over the country. It won't be long before a wave of high-energy new products come in addition to grassland rice. Will Wuchang rice be all right then


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