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Ribbon and AWS cooperate in automatic call analysis and recording

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CTI Forum () news on December 19 (compilation/old Qin): as the main body of pollution control, cloud communication solution provider r automobile manufacturing enterprise ibbon communications has expanded its cooperation with Amazon Web services (AWS), To simplify forwarding internet protocol voice (VoIP) audio streams to Amazon chime voice connector (siprec) by using media recording based on session initiation protocol

ribbon's siprec enabled session boundary controller (SBC) now provides AWS customers with a tested solution to support Amazon chime voice connector by forwarding audio streams to AWS for real-time analysis

ribbon is a select partner in the AWS partner network (APN), and its SBC software version (SWE) can be obtained in the AWS marketplace and AWS quick start

in March, ribbon's sbcswe was tested by Amazon chime voice connector, which can help customers migrate SIP relay workloads to AWS. Amazon chime voice connector enables companies to migrate their workloads to AWS. At present, developers can also use it to build PSTN calls through Amazon chime SDK, or stream audio for analysis and machine learning. Companies can use the siprec streaming function of Amazon chime voice connector to receive audio from local PBX or contact center for applications such as transcription and emotional analysis

our customers told us that the traditional method of verifying compliance related to financial transactions is very expensive, which involves letting team members listen to recorded call samples, Sid Rao, general manager of AWS Amazon chime, said in a statement. We are pleased to work with ribbon to enable customers to use the session boundary controller with Amazon chime voice connector siprec function and amazontranscribe to build a real-time, automated solution that can analyze calls to assist compliance

we are pleased to be able to provide advanced SIP recording functions through our market proven session boundary controller, so as to continue to establish a solid relationship with AWS. Tonyscaffo, executive vice president in charge of product, R & D, support and supply chain, which is the main design standard of an aircraft structure, said in a statement: ribbonsbc allows up to four concurrent SIP recording sessions, so that the recorded data can be used for a variety of purposes at the same time, such as real-time analysis of call center seats, records of company compliance and backup, and legal interception

ribbon's SBC provides SIP message processing functions to ensure interoperability with various recorders and the ability to send multiple audio stream records. In addition, ribbon's SBC provides SIP recording function, which can send rich metadata to the recorder for downstream analysis and encryption of signaling and media packets sent to the recorder

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