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Rhodia's new technology promotes the rapid development of China's coating industry

in 2009, Huicong coating and Rhodia Novecare global commercial director of industrial chemicals; Mr. johnfoley exchanged views on the development of Rhodia in China in recent years and the trend of China's paint market in 2009

global commercial director of Novecare industrial chemicals, Rhodia; Mr. John Foley

Mr. John Foley is responsible for the global business activities of if (industrial additives) and PSS (polymer system special chemicals); BaseinUS.

HC: would you please talk about the types and performance of products sold by Rhodia in China

johnfoley: we are Novecare, a department of Rhodia. Our main products are surfactants, special monomers, defoamers, dispersants and some solvents for the paint industry. We especially emphasize the characteristics of our products. First, we need to meet the requirements of light dispersing materials. Generally, light dispersing agents are added to transparent resins to achieve the effect of soft light. One of the important tasks is to overcome the performance requirements of high-throughput characterization testing technology. Second, we need to develop special new products. We closely follow the pace of the development of China's paint market and develop products suitable for China's paint market

HC: how do you think China's paint market will develop in 2009? What measures will Rhodia take to promote product sales and brand building in China in 2009

johnfoley: 2009 is a challenging year. The international environment and China's paint market are constantly changing. Rhodia believes that we are not only a simple product surfactant, nor a simple product supplier. Rhodia pays special attention to the green, environmental protection and high performance of products. Rhodia has long decided not only to participate in the Asian market, but also to pay more attention to the Chinese market, To contribute to the economic development of Asia and China, we have a good R & D, production, marketing and technical service system. We believe that although the general environment of the coating market in 2009 is full of challenges, Rhodia is full of confidence and continues to grow. Rhodia is constantly expanding and absorbing talents to reserve strength for 2009. Rhodia believes that 2009 will be a challenging year and a bumper harvest year

HC: is talent or technology the most prominent feature of Rhodia's sales promotion in 2009

johnfoley: I think the most important feature is talent. Rhodia's team in China is growing, and our team has good quality. At the same time, Rhodia company continues to increase R & D investment and strengthen R & D and sales teams. The team in China is a strong and capable team, constantly bringing the world's most advanced technology to China. Talents are the basis for Rhodia to develop rapidly. The project plans to build China's first 100000 ton thermoplastic composite intelligent manufacturing plant.

our most prominent feature in China's coating Market is still our people. In terms of sales, R & D, business management and technical services, we provide first-class services. Rhodia will take root in China and actively serve China's coating industry

HC: How did Rhodia do in the innovation of products in 2009

johnfoley: there is no doubt that Rhodia's product system is stable and continuous. It has an integrated process of production and marketing, and constantly introduces high-performance new products to the market. In 2009, we will continue to follow the characteristics of green and environmental protection, promote green solvents and green additives to the Chinese market, and also introduce the world's most environmentally friendly products into China, which meets the requirements of the Chinese paint market and promotes the continued health of the Chinese paint industry Rapid development

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