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Cultural color of Spring Festival food packaging design

the annual Spring Festival is the most solemn and bustling traditional festival in people's mind in China, and the Spring Festival embodies many splendid Chinese history and culture. With the progress of the times, the food packaging design of the Spring Festival has become an important part of the traditional culture of the Spring Festival. People regard Spring Festival food packaging as a combination of products and culture, constantly improving its taste, and constantly being enriched with new ideas by packaging designers. This is like a farmer who has been farming for generations. Once he develops into a rich or gentry, he will definitely want to hire the children of a scholarly disciple as his wife, so new packaging design concepts are constantly emerging. As the main part of packaging design, color culture is also constantly changing. From the original spring festival market, to the current classification, these changes are created by people who constantly study China's traditional culture and pay attention to the latest packaging design trends in the world. The real "foreign things serve China and the past serve the present". Move the abacus of Chinese culture to create a truly Chinese traditional packaging design fashion

to do a good job in the packaging design of Spring Festival food, we must first understand the culture of Spring Festival. The Spring Festival, the most distinctive traditional festival in China, always exudes a rich festive atmosphere. The Spring Festival can reunite the family, enjoy good food and wine, bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, sing and dance, and enjoy the carnival. There are many traditional foods for the Spring Festival, such as rice cakes, dumplings and all kinds of sugar, which are essential for Chinese people every year. Because they are all endowed with the meaning of beauty and auspiciousness. New Year cakes symbolize "high every year, step by step"; Sugar indicates that the family is "harmonious and sweet". Due to the lack of cultural excavation in the past, we didn't pay much attention to packaging design, and some had almost no packaging except basic protection measures. The colors of the packaging are mainly the traditional red and yellow colors that reflect the festivity, and the colors are in a common atmosphere for a certain period of time

color is the most sensitive factor in visual performance. Different colors have different cultural connotations. Color processing plays a very important role in the spring festival food packaging design. In China, people like auspiciousness and festivity. They have a special preference for red since ancient times. Red is the most exciting and easy to attract attention. Its symbolic meaning of human emotion is sweetness, richness, happiness, nutrition, positivity, vitality, joy, enthusiasm, stimulation, etc. So everything from national day and Spring Festival to personal marriage and birthday is colored in red. Some people call China "Red China". Another traditional color, yellow, is the brightest color, which is the special color of feudal emperors in China. It marks holiness, solemnity and authority. It represents the low-speed Experiment Center (metal, cement, concrete, etc.) that is beneficial to conventional materials. It is used for food color, giving people a feeling of richness, sweetness and crispness. It is a color that can cause appetite. In the special traditional festival atmosphere of the Spring Festival, red lanterns, couplets, red envelopes, New Year pictures and buildings are all keepsakes for Chinese people to convey festivity. Therefore, red and yellow represent almost all the colors of food packaging in the Spring Festival market for a period of time

in recent years, the color of Spring Festival food packaging has changed. The packaging color of some high-end food is becoming more elegant and naturalized, and other packaging colors are not monotonous as before, with more and more categories. These changes are based on the improvement of people's cultural level and different psychological and emotional factors. Because modern people are no longer like before, but more need to satisfy themselves and seek humanization. People often say that the seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple are just like the seven notes in the notes, which can play a wonderful movement with infinite changes. As long as we understand the basic characteristics of color, study the characteristics of food, touch the psychology of consumers, and know the culture of the Spring Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, we can skillfully apply the "seven notes" of color. Different colors contain different meanings and represent different cultures. Therefore, different people, due to different ages and sexes, different cultural backgrounds, different religious beliefs, and different regions, have different sensitivities to the packaging colors of Spring Festival food. Color affects people's psychological mood and purchase desire. In order to meet the different needs of different people and meet the market, this change will continue in the future. "Looking at the color from a distance and looking at the flowers near" color has an preemptive effect. People's first impression of goods is also derived from the color of packaging. Therefore, the use of color is crucial to packaging design. Although the food packaging color of the Spring Festival used to be in a red environment, it can meet the future market demand only by constantly seeking new innovative ideas. According to our market survey, there are several humanized factors that affect the production of people's different color ideas

1. Age and organic plywood materials are very suitable for light and cost-effective material solutions and fields with high stiffness. Neutral factors cause people's different needs for the packaging color of Spring Festival food

the packaging color of Spring Festival food should be divided into gender and age, and the color selection should be based on the positioning of food design and the object of food

sales. Generally speaking, during the Spring Festival, children prefer very bright colors, because children love lively, and only brightly colored food packaging can stimulate their appetite, while young people like bright and warm colors, while older people tend to dull colors, because their passion for life and the Spring Festival is not as strong as before, and they pursue stability and stability, But general fault analysis: women are still interested in bright food packaging colors

2. Cultural and regional factors cause people's different needs for the color of Spring Festival food packaging

different nationalities, different customs and habits, hobbies and taboos, different levels of education and culture, and definitely different preferences for the color of Spring Festival food packaging, in which regional factors also account for the main aspects. Some people think that the cultural level is in direct proportion to the color they like. Some ethnic minorities in the Loess Plateau and Yunnan Guizhou plateau or people in remote mountainous areas love bright colors such as bright red and green, which are harmonious and unified with their desolate and thick plateau and mountain background at ordinary times. It is also an external expression of their tenacious vitality and their love for life, so they need exciting colors during the Spring Festival. For cities with a slightly higher degree of modern civilization, people are immersed in a busy and noisy environment every day. They may only regard the Spring Festival as a seven day holiday. What they need is to release their nervous tension, so they prefer those elegant, fresh and bright colors. Packaging designers have grasped this kind of consumer appeal, so now the packaging color of Spring Festival food has gradually differentiated, which is caused by different living environments. Such differentiation also exists in the South and north of China. Northerners are enthusiastic and bold, and their temperament is rough. Compared with small jasper families and quiet water life in the south, they like more colors. Northerners preserve more traditional Chinese New Year customs than southerners, and the color of food packaging seen on the shelves in the north is also much warmer than that in the south. These are the different demands of people on the packaging color of Spring Festival food caused by different cultures, environments and regions

3. Different occupations and personalities cause people's different needs for Spring Festival food packaging

the color of Spring Festival food packaging also has a certain relationship with consumers' occupations and personalities. Different consumers have different aesthetic requirements for the packaging color of Spring Festival food. The psychology of consumers engaged in literary and art work is to seek novelty and differences, and catch up with the trend. The Spring Festival requires that the color of food packaging should be the same as that of ordinary shopping, not only "pleasing to the heart" but also "pleasing to the eyes", paying special attention to the beauty of color, shape and decoration of packaging; The teacher is an example of others. His aesthetic psychology pays attention to stability and practical beauty, tends to be conservative, pursues simple, quiet, elegant and implicit colors, and does not seek excessive gorgeous colors, so as to reflect his knowledge and self-restraint identity. Therefore, giving gifts to others during the Spring Festival also depends on each other's occupation and personality. These are considered from the perspective of humanization

due to the deepening of humanization, there are many different consumer demands. It is also an inevitable trend that the food packaging color of the Spring Festival tends to be personalized. The theme of our graduation project is the packaging design of "little Suzhou" traditional festival food. The traditional food made by Nanjing Xiaosuzhou Food Co., Ltd. is mainly some Soviet style pastry series. Suzhou is a typical southern water town with strong regional and cultural characteristics, so the packaging color of holiday food in small Suzhou should be determined according to the festive atmosphere and characteristics of Jiangnan Water Town. People in water towns like a quiet and comfortable life, so the color of the festival is not as noisy as northern people. Although the Spring Festival is the Spring Festival, the way people in Southern Water Towns express the festive atmosphere is more implicit, which fully reflects the tenderness of southerners. Suzhou is a cultural ancient city, so Suzhou people also attach great importance to cultural expression. Considering the influence of these geographical and cultural conditions on people's demands, Suzhou people should like some light colored packaging designs during the new year to reflect their calm and implicit characteristics, so as to show their budding feeling incisively and vividly. The food packaging design of a group of small Suzhou traditional festivals in our graduation project adopts fresh and elegant color components as a whole, and the material selection is set in combination with comprehensive factors such as vehicle positioning, cost, regulations and performance. It uses the expression of Chinese traditional painting ink painting, which can not only reflect the characteristics of the misty and rainy water town in Suzhou, but also reflect the rich and long historical and cultural atmosphere of Suzhou. In our graduation design, the packaging design of "sushi South sugar" for the Spring Festival uses this technique of expression, revealing a little bit of gorgeous colors in the elegance and tranquility, and showing the wonderful things unique to people in water villages during the festival. This design style is completely derived from the geographical and cultural characteristics of Suzhou

society is changing, civilization is changing, and people's ideas are also changing. This change is natural. It is a sublimation of people's inheritance of tradition and promotion of culture, and a sublimation of modern people's traditional ideas. We choose the most suitable packaging color, and design the spring festival food packaging welcomed by consumers to add icing on the cake. While satisfying consumers' tangible goods, it also brings them beautiful intangible services

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Liu Lei, male, born in 1967, currently works in Jiangsu Zhongshan Advertising Co., Ltd. as deputy general manager and design director. He has been engaged in Arts and crafts design for more than 20 years, and has won the top ten advanced writers in Nanjing packaging and printing industry in 2004. His works won the silver medal in China, the special prize and the gold medal in Jiangsu Province in the 2004 international commercial art design competition. He is now an A-level qualification certificate for international commercial art designers, a member of the Standing Committee of Nanjing Association for design and packaging, and a visiting professor of Nanjing Zhongshan University

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