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Cultural interpretation of the world-famous logo design (II)

Mercedes car this picture shows the evolution of the Mercedes car logo. In 1902, Mercedes automobile was registered, and this brand came from the name of the daughter of old Daimler, the founder of the company. However, there was no concept of modern logo or registered trademark at that time. So Paul and Adolf, the two sons of old Daimler, decided to design a trademark by themselves. They remembered a family story: when his father was working hard, he often went on business trips and wrote letters to his mother. At the end of one of the letters, he drew a star with great interest. Old Daimler said to his wife that this star, which symbolizes "good luck", will rise from our company one day. Therefore, the two brothers got the inspiration to create the logo element from the stars on the stationery: in 1909, the first pattern, sanmang's "lucky star", was finally registered as the logo of the car. With the passage of time, the star pattern design gave way to the new idea of the Roman laurel wreath. Then, in the 1920s, the wreath was replaced by the triangle surrounded by the circle. This severe test was like the big wave washing sand star logo. The last word was the big star surrounded by the circle, which is still in use now

Harvard University was founded in 1636. It was called "Harvard College" for a long time after its establishment, with the purpose of cultivating Christian missionaries. The school motto is formulated in full accordance with the contents of the Bible. The motto issued by the school in 1692 is a Latin word, which means "those who are loyal to Christ and teach light will frost near the stomata". If you look closely, readers will find the mystery revealed in the logo: the word Veritas in Latin is divided into three paragraphs: ve RI TAs, which are depicted in three books. The top two books are opened on the front, while the bottom book is lying down with the spine up. What is the general meaning of this

it turns out that this artistic conception not only visualizes the ancient motto "there is a limit to life and endless skills", but also contains the Christian philosophy: rationality is limited, and God's revelation is necessary. This rule is engraved on the walls of many buildings at Harvard, so that Harvard people will never forget it

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