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Cultural characteristics of packaging design

packaging design is an important part of human cultural activities, which reflects the creative behavior of human mind. In the practical process of the development of China's contemporary packaging design, especially under the influence of the multicultural context of the information age on China's packaging design, it is particularly important to grasp and adhere to the cultural nature of packaging design, excavate and sort out the excellent and rich cultural connotation in China's packaging design, and organically combine the essence of traditional cultural thought with the elements of contemporary design. For the understanding of the cultural characteristics of packaging design, according to the method of studying material culture in cultural anthropology and the characteristics of packaging design, we will discuss it from the following four aspects

first, packaging design has a stable basic cultural pattern, and continues to inject fresh new content into social culture, constantly producing a new look synchronized with the times. In other words, it has the obvious characteristics of keeping pace with the times. First, human needs for material life, that is, human beings should constantly improve their own living environment and quality of life. For example, the transportation, marketing, preservation and storage in the process of production and life should be guaranteed by the packaging design. This demand urges people to invent and create, and promotes the progress of technology and art. The result is bound to produce new packaging design achievements. Second, human needs for spiritual culture. As a cultural medium, packaging design carries the national cultural spirit of a country through packaging design images, such as social ideology, aesthetic tendency, morality and ethics, folk customs, etc. Since entering the commodity society, people have sought a popular and vivid way of communication and exchange for their labor achievements. In terms of its packaging significance, it has become an important medium for transporting goods, ensuring the quality of goods and conveying information. Packaging itself is the result of human material civilization and spiritual civilization, and human beings use this result to create new behavior patterns. Packaging culture aims at pursuing efficiency, function and beauty. It is a comprehensive form combining decoration design and packaging engineering

second, packaging culture. The form of packaging culture can be understood from three levels. The first is the utensil level. It is the sum of the process of packaging design activities. It is a product form that can be perceived, grasped and has material entities. It also constitutes the basis of the whole packaging culture without left and right feet. It is a creative activity that integrates social, economic, artistic and psychological elements for the purpose of marketing, It reflects people's cognition and creativity of packaging design as a unity of creation and aesthetics, and also reflects the development level of productivity in a certain social stage. The second is the institutional level. Packaging design is a social activity, and in the long-term design and production process, it forms policies, regulations, standards, procedures, etc. that can ensure and promote. The establishment of social system norms in organization and management, although not directly related to cultural resources, its nature and development level are ultimately determined by the way people exchange energy with cultural resources. The third is the spiritual culture, which is the values, ways of thinking, moral sentiments and so on cultivated by human beings in social practice and consciousness activities for a long time. Packaging culture will specifically reflect people's requirements, wishes, emotions, cognition and judgment in the process of purchase and use. In the above three levels of cultural structure, the instrumental level and the institutional level are exposed in the external material form, which is easy to grasp, while the spiritual and cultural level is reflected in the psychological depths of individuals and groups of people, which is difficult to grasp. In the study of packaging culture, we use a lot of this metal material in electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles gb/t 5279.2 ⑴ 997 countersunk head screws Part 2: vehicle batteries with 10 slot insertion depth. We should conduct dynamic research from the multi-dimensional structure and interaction of cultural forms, so as to correct our understanding points, more profoundly grasp the consumer mentality of the packaging design market, and guide our design practice

third, the functional value of packaging design. The embodiment of the functional value of packaging design in the cultural sense can be viewed from different angles, which mainly refers to the relationship between people and things, and the relationship between the environment composed of things and people; It is people's structural requirements in order to adapt to nature and society. Specifically, it is summarized and analyzed around the two major purposes of protecting products and promoting packaging in the circulation process. First, use. A reasonable way of use can improve the use value of packaged products. Whether it is large electrical appliances or small daily necessities, we need to consider the rationality of their packaging, and meet the requirements of human physiological scale and psychological acceptance in ergonomics, so that consumers can experience the improvement of packaging on lifestyle and quality of life. At the same time, people's behavior, experience and experience of their own actions accumulated in the process of use will promote the germination of people's creative ideas and design motives. Second, transportation. Transportation includes the displacement activities of packaged products in the process of manufacturing, storage and sales, such as reasonable shape and size, quantitative assembly, which will affect the energy efficiency in the process of packaging and transportation. This function requires a certain choice of materials, materials, dimensions, quality and shapes of packaging products. Third, marketing. It mainly includes the purposeful activities carried out by regional agents and retailers to promote sales benefits. It is required that the packaging is convenient for store placement and shelf storage, and the packaging containers can be easily used

IV. aesthetic expression form of packaging design. It mainly refers to form, color and material. Form is the expression of the internal essence of things under certain conditions, including form and modality. Packaging form shows its independent value under the premise of function and purpose. The research on packaging form involves not only the dissemination and identification, but also people's psychological feelings and consciousness, because the form in the cultural sense we see is the essential form refined from the packaging style. As Arnheim said in his book art and visual perception, "visual image is never a mechanical copy of perceptual materials, but a creative grasp of reality. The image it grasps is a beautiful image with rich imagination, creativity and sensitivity. The activity of viewing the world has been proved to be the interaction between the nature of external objective things themselves and the nature of the viewer." Color. Color has a certain social psychological effect, because human perception has constancy, organization, association and initiative. The psychological effect of color is the form of induction between people and color. For example, the association of color, which is directly associated with abstract concepts, is the association of relationship and meaning. Because people's way of thinking is deeply affected by a national culture, different societies, different environments, different knowledge structures bring obvious differences between people, nations and nations. Take yellow as an example, the East represents dignity and beauty, while Western Christianity regards it as disgrace; Such as red, the East symbolizes enthusiasm, auspiciousness and positivity, while the West symbolizes sacrifice as a battle. Material. It refers to the raw materials used in packaging design. The choice and use of packaging materials are different in different times, cultural backgrounds and regions. Chinese packaging products are mostly made of natural materials. The packaging made of bamboo, wood and paper is more intimate than metal and plastic. Forms such as palm seeds and gourd tea have a large number of reasonable functional factors. The humanity, local flavor and natural flavor in the traditional packaging culture provide the most abundant source for our design

packaging design is an important cultural phenomenon, and its cultural connotation. He is particularly grateful that the dilemma is not only the device of specific cultural symbols, but also reflects the designer's understanding and experience of natural society and human culture. We should further improve the cultural mechanism of the main body of packaging design and improve the information dissemination ability of the cultural carrier of packaging design. American cultural scientist Clark pointed out that "culture includes all kinds of explicit or implicit behavior patterns, and constitutes the outstanding achievements of human groups, including those embodied in artifacts." In the development of packaging design, we should accurately grasp the interactive relationship between culture and function, history and reality, national culture and foreign culture, design concept and packaging symbols in the design and creation, so that the external interface of packaging can be directly and artistically presented to human vision, so as to guide people's consumption choices and improve fashion consumption taste in commodity marketing activities

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