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On October 24, the 2015 national dealer conference of Chongqing livable wooden door with the theme of "reform and innovation" kicked off in bafu, Chongqing. Representatives of hundreds of dealers from all over the country gathered together

on October 24, the 2015 national dealers' annual meeting of Chongqing livable door industry with the theme of "reform and innovation" kicked off in bafu, Chongqing. Representatives of hundreds of dealers from all over the country gathered together. Every year's progress is a small footnote in the development process of the enterprise, but the summary of each footnote is for the enterprise to improve and develop faster and steadily

in 2015, with the support of the special technical transformation fund of the Economic Commission of Jiulongpo District, the new process reform of livable wooden doors was successful. The composite solid wood door completely bid farewell to honeycomb paper filling, and was upgraded to composite solid wood bridge mechanical sound insulation board. The strategic adjustment of the product chain extends from the original single wooden door to the whole household of wood products such as parapet, wardrobe and wooden ceiling. In the next two years, the planned new production base of livable wooden door will be put into construction. While the enterprise complements the production capacity, it will also bring a qualitative improvement and leap to the whole enterprise

the first is the improvement of production capacity and equipment strength. Relying on the comprehensive operation of the three branches of Yiju wooden door, Yiju wooden door can have an annual production capacity of 300000 sets. At the same time, it cooperates with hangnuo technology to develop the automatic production line of wooden doors, and strives to introduce the factory and put it into production in 2016. The continuous investment in advanced equipment has provided a stronger development momentum for production. It not only leads the development of the industry in terms of production capacity, but also breaks the industry record in terms of process, quality, technology and so on

the second is the continuous investment in R & D and innovation. Whether it is the previous thermal transfer door or the current overall household technology development, the R & D strength of livable wooden door has been comprehensively improved through the cooperation of internal R & D team and external powerful scientific research team, as well as the special fund support of the District Economic Commission. The enhancement of R & D strength has injected strong impetus and vitality into the development of new technologies and products for livable wooden doors. At present, livable wooden doors have 3 utility model patents, more than 80 appearance patents, and more than 40 others are in the application stage. In terms of new product development, new products of wood products such as wooden doors, parapets, wardrobes, and wooden ceilings have all been listed and the market layout has been completed

third, the improvement of marketing integration and overall planning ability. At present, livable wooden door has thousands of dealers. In the face of the huge channel network, how to stimulate the channel digestion ability has become the focus. For this, throughout 2015, livable wooden door spent money to support dealers to upgrade and transform into an overall home furnishing store, set up an offline channel maintenance team, and launched terminal support for channel agents. Participate in various terminal activities of dealers by sending market supervisors. In addition, through group purchase meetings, large-scale promotional activities and online and offline integrated marketing, activate the shipments of offline dealers and improve the sales and marketing ability of dealers

in order to help dealers break their inherent thinking and prepare for terminal sales with novel and effective marketing methods, livable wooden door invited Dalian dealer Feng Gang to speak. Taking the development of livable wooden doors in Dalian as an example, President Feng pointed out that products should be combined with the market, cooperate with various marketing activities, and gradually promote products to high-end stores such as red star Macalline and incredibly home, so as to increase the share of products in the wooden door market. Facing the increasingly severe market economic environment, livable wooden door specially invited Huang Jinrong, general manager of Huiya media, to analyze the market pattern from a macro perspective and interpret the problems of wooden door manufacturers how to strengthen close cooperation to achieve win-win results and the impact of Internet +

overlooking the whole year, the livable wooden door brand won the "double commitment activity unit of national market, engineering wooden door enterprise product quality and after-sales service". Livable wooden door also harvested a series of "fruits" such as Chongqing famous trademark, Chongqing wooden door integrity enterprise, advanced unit of labor competition, and technical innovation team supported by Jiulongpo Economic Commission





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