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Inclined screen solid-liquid separator makes fecal treatment no longer a "worry" for farmers.

for farms, how to quickly and correctly deal with fecal pollution is a big headache, especially when water flushes feces, the water content is large, fecal water is not easy to separate, and the treatment effect of general solid-liquid separator is not ideal. In order to solve this problem, environmental protection has independently developed a machine specially for dealing with fecal pollution with water content, That is inclined screen solid-liquid separator. The inclined screen solid-liquid separator mainly has more inclined screen surfaces than the general solid-liquid separator. It mainly deals with all kinds of livestock and poultry feces with a water content of more than 90%

characteristics of inclined screen solid-liquid separator

large processing capacity, less solid loss, solid content of solids after treatment by inclined screen solid-liquid separator is less than 1%, and the whole machine is simple and convenient to operate, with small floor area. Strong adaptability, thin and thick materials can be processed

this machine is a large-scale solid-liquid separation equipment for feces, which is composed of inclined screen surface and screw extruder. It is made of stainless steel. The inclined angle of the inclined screen surface is about 60~80 degrees. It is mainly used for solid-liquid separation treatment of blister feces. Generally, the moisture content of blister feces is 95% left and right, and the solid content is relatively small. First, filter out most of the moisture through the screen on the inclined screen surface, The relatively thick materials are then extruded by the helical extrusion part of the inclined screen solid-liquid separator


the inclined screen solid-liquid separator is made of stainless steel. Its weight is nearly half a ton and its overall size is small. It is an ideal solid-liquid separation equipment for large-scale pig farms, which can greatly improve the speed and efficiency of solid-liquid separation. But at the same time, there are certain requirements for many factors, such as the drainage process of the pig farm, the characteristics of the environment, the volume and structure of the septic tank, the drop of the defecation ditch, etc. first of all, there is a minimum requirement for the materials separated by the inclined screen duck dung dehydrator, which should be the fecal water that can flow. From the process requirements, a septic tank for storing fecal water should be built. The processing capacity is directly related to the solid content of raw materials. In the same time period, when the solid content is high, the processing capacity of raw liquid is small, and more dry materials are discharged. When the solid content is low, the processing capacity of raw liquid is large, and less dry materials are discharged. Characteristics of inclined screen solid-liquid separator:

1 With the function of rapid dehydration and re pressing, the sewage is filtered once by using the inclined screen inclined plane, and the filtered thick material is extruded and dehydrated again, with large processing capacity and complete separation

2. The separation rate of floating, suspended and sediment in feces can reach more than 95%, and the solid content of slag can reach more than 35%

3. Equipped with automatic liquid level control start and stop function, saving labor and low operation cost

4. The contact part between the equipment and the treatment medium is made of high-quality stainless steel and has been pickled and passivated. The corrosion resistance is several times stronger than that of ordinary stainless steel, extending the service life

5. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, stable operation, small floor area, high degree of automation and high removal rate of suspended solids

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