Expose the incredible dark scenes of the German Eu

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"It is said that it is marketed in more than 80 countries around the world and originated from Germany. The headquarters of the famous brand flooring German Eurocode actually does not exist at all, and there is serious consumer fraud." CCTV 3 last night? The party unveiled the inside story to consumers all over the country

2008 yuan per square meter, a floor is even higher than the house price in some regions. According to the salesperson, the high price comes from the German brand. German Oudian was founded in 1903, and its products are sold in more than 80 countries around the world, and the insider told “ 3.15” It provided shocking news that the headquarters of Eurocode in Germany did not exist at all. In order to pursue the truth, the reporter specially went to the place mentioned by the manufacturer and asked the local industrial and commercial department. The so-called German headquarters is the local German wood products production enterprise. This company claims that it is not the production company of Oudian and has nothing to do with Oudian. Not only does German Eurocode not exist, but also there is no Chinese Eurocode company registered in China. What kind of enterprise is the so-called century old Eurocode? It is worth querying that the trademark of Oudian was registered only in 2000, and the registrant is Oude decoration company established in 1998

the reporter searched every corner of Tongzhou and did not find the processing company of Oudian. In the production workshop of Jilin Sentong, you can see that Oudian flooring is being produced and packaged. The reporter found that the label of Oudian flooring products produced here has not yet marked the real manufacturer of Jilin Sentong. The person in charge of production quality is very confident, claiming to be the world's best Eurocode flooring, “ 3.15” But it has been complained by many consumers all over the country. A gentleman bought the floor for half a year, and the floor began to shrink, and the complaint turned into a year long wrangle. Many consumers may have encountered the word "Oudian" when they went to the building materials market when decorating their houses. It's incredible that such a famous brand should cheat consumers




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