How to choose high-quality wooden doors

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Classification of wooden doors and selection of wooden doors

classification of wooden doors the main two elements of room design are space segmentation and the creation of atmosphere. The means used for atmosphere creation are shape, color, light and texture. These four elements are mainly reflected in the design of the bedroom facade. As an important part of the facade, the shape, color and texture of the wooden door play an indispensable role in completing the ideal atmosphere of the bedroom. Chinese classical symbols are less and less used in modern room design (such as color paintings, window leaks, Ruyi, caisson), while European classical symbols are still widely used indoors (such as Baroque arch plus horizontal line symmetrical symbols). At present, most wooden doors on the market bear this symbol. With the development of the times, the change of interior design style and the change of people's aesthetics, the style of wooden doors must also change with it. Modern composition, metal feeling and other aesthetic forms will certainly become a trend. The methods used to form modern aesthetic feeling are mostly gradual change, specificity, sequence, super long proportion, etc. the contrast of metal feeling is to add metal inlay to the wooden door to achieve the effect of texture contrast. These two aesthetic forms can be summed up as aestheticism and simplicity. In terms of color, non moderate colors such as mixed oil and black walnut will occupy the mainstream of the market in the next few years, and the extremely affinity of bigot and cherry wood will also be accepted by some people. In the purchase of wooden doors, we should first choose the style and color that are harmonious with your bedroom style, and at the same time, we should consider its sustainable beauty. If you can't change the door after decoration for a short time, the gain is not worth the loss. Knowledge series of wooden doors: how to choose environmentally friendly wooden doors, as an important part of room decoration, has attracted more and more attention. Creative wooden doors can make each room full of independent personality. Note: the harmful substances produced by wooden furniture mainly come from artificial wooden plates and paint coatings. 2、 Classification and characteristics of wooden doors. The general forms of wooden doors are: plywood doors, paneled doors, flat doors, wooden grating glass doors, antique lattice doors, wooden metal lattice doors. The installation forms include swing door, sliding door, shuttle door, revolving door, etc. Craft wooden door is the general name of plywood door and panel door. Its form is more active, and its surface can be decorated with various exquisite lines. It can be used as both an indoor door and an outdoor main door. Craft doors can be divided into: log colored wood doors, miscellaneous wood doors, solid wood veneered doors (veneers include teak, maple, Manchurian ash, oak, etc.). 1. Solid wood veneered door. This kind of door adopts solid wood frame, and the veneer is made of maple, teak, beech, Manchurian ash and oak. Its characteristics are beautiful, generous shape, not easy to deform, and the price is relatively cheap. 2. Log colored wooden door. It is made of logs and processed directly with high process quality. It is characterized by luxury and beauty, thick shape, high price and easy deformation. 3. Except that the material of miscellaneous wood door is slightly inferior to that of log design and color, the processing principle and modeling process are basically the same as that of log design and color wood door. It is characterized by beauty, not easy to deform, and the price is also lower than the log color wood door. The flat door has a long history, and its simplicity brings a sense of steadiness. Its materials include teak, maple, Manchurian ash, oak, etc. its characteristics are easy to clean, smooth and generous. It is usually used in simple and simple home decoration. Wooden metal lattice door, especially with the flavor of modern decoration, such as black metal modeling lines, log colored door frames, hazy glass, itself is an elegant and exquisite art





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