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Taiwan Nanbao aquaculture paint is the customary name of the aquaculture industry for the ecological pool paint. Through the coating on the surface of the aquaculture pool and aquaculture pool, the problem of the aquaculture pool is solved

Taiwan Nanbao aquaculture paint is the customary name of the aquaculture industry for the ecological pool paint. Through the coating on the surface of the aquaculture pool and aquaculture pool, the problems of the aquaculture pool can be solved, the use effect of the cement texture aquaculture pool can be improved, and the benefit of aquaculture can be promoted

the success of seawater seedling raising has greatly accelerated the process of intensive seedling raising and breeding; The high efficiency and efficiency of industrialized aquaculture have attracted the production value. In addition, fresh food is increasingly popular, and the market continues to expand, which in turn has played a good role in promoting the development of industrialized aquaculture

I. protective mechanism of Taiwan Nanbao aquaculture paint

due to the porous surface of the base course of the cement seedling breeding pond, the concrete is easy to crack and carbonize in the water erosion, providing a suitable space for the growth of bacteria and viruses. Thus, the water quality will be polluted, the dissolved oxygen content in the water will be reduced, the health of seedlings will be affected or even die, and the survival rate of seedlings will be greatly reduced

it has become an effective measure to put a protective coat on the cement breeding pond to resist the erosion of water, especially seawater on cement. The anti-aging and corrosion-resistant continuous waterproof paint film formed by Taiwan Nanbao aquaculture paint on the surface of cement substrate can achieve the protective effect. The elastic paint film more supports the physical characteristics of "thermal expansion and cold contraction" of cement substrate. In the process of use, there will be no cracking and falling off of the paint film caused by this, so that the protective effect can be truly guaranteed for a long time

II. Selection standard of Taiwan Nanbao aquaculture paint

high density industrialized aquaculture needs a perfect water treatment system, and water is a necessary condition to ensure the growth of healthy aquatic products in a good environment. Taiwan Nanbao aquaculture paint supports the water treatment system by preventing the release of water-soluble substances from cement substrates, algae resistance of paint film, environmental protection of paint film and ecology, avoiding secondary pollution, achieving cleaner production and improving the quality of aquatic products

the impact on the paint film of aquaculture paint and its immersion in water can be recognized through the following national standards:

1. The environmental protection of the paint film - "ten ring certification" (China Environmental Label Product), Certificate No.: C E C 002 62841820-x

2. Ecological property of the paint film ~ analysis and detection of the influence of the precipitates after the paint film is soaked in water, national standard gb/t 17219-1998 hygienic performance test, safety evaluation standard for drinking water transmission and distribution equipment and protective materials

3. Detection of algal resistance of paint film - national standard gb/t 21353-2008, the algal resistance of paint film of Taiwan Nanbao aquaculture paint has reached the standard of grade 0 in the detection. To prevent the resulting moss and bacteria from causing corrosion and blockage to the equipment of the breeding pond, effectively improve the working efficiency of the water treatment system and the service life of the equipment, and improve the water purification system

the core role of Taiwan Nanbao aquaculture paint is to protect aquaculture ponds, prevent aquaculture water pollution, and improve the quality of aquatic products. The application of fresh oxygen technology makes aquaculture greener




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