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Cruise now has hundreds of agents across the country, and their wealth creation experience also infects every cruise person, and also provides rich experience for channel development


Harbin cruise door and window Co., Ltd. is located in Harbin, the hometown of aluminum clad doors and windows in China. The plant covers an area of more than 10000 square meters and has more than 50 employees. Every year, it "limited" customizes 30000 square meters of aluminum clad doors and windows for customers, and more than 3000 sets of sliding doors and folding doors. It is a professional production enterprise focusing on "private customization, high-end wood windows"

cruise aluminum clad wooden window


the cruise brand is highly praised in the market. What is the "business secret" behind the rapid development of the enterprise? Please come with me to explore the answer with President Li, the founder of cruise aluminum clad wooden window



editor in chief: Hello, Mr. Li! Thank you for accepting my little interview today. Could you briefly introduce cruise

President Li: Cruise doors and windows Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014. After years of honing, cruise doors and windows has continuously upgraded equipment and products, focusing on the production of energy-saving aluminum clad doors and windows, pure wood windows and aluminum clad sunshine rooms

we do not pursue the size of the enterprise, but quietly cultivate the field of fine products

as a professional supplier of aluminum clad wood doors and windows, cruise doors and windows has gone beyond enterprising and continuous innovation, constantly enhancing the people-oriented quality implication in design and production, and taking high quality and service as the core, it has launched products that meet the aesthetic taste and personality charm of consumers, promoting the renewal of the consumption concept of doors and windows


editor: it's easy to enter an industry, but it's not easy to take root. Has President Li encountered any difficulties along the way? Can you share them with us


president Li: speaking of overcoming difficulties, I personally feel that I still need to rely on a perseverance to adhere to my career. From the establishment of cruise brand to now, no matter what difficulties and setbacks, firm faith must be the cornerstone of enterprise development, and the quality of its own products is the top priority of enterprise survival and development

at the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, I put quality first to ensure the quality of products and high-quality services, so that agents can feel at ease and intimate, and consumers can feel at ease and at ease


editor: Cruise has won many honors since its development. A company that can win the affirmation of such insiders must have its own recognized flash point. What do you think is the advantage of cruise


president Li: Cruise takes customer demand as the center, takes improving the living environment as its own responsibility, and positions the enterprise from the global market, with far-reaching intentions, clear goals and steady steps. In the development process of many years, cruise has established a complete market, sales, research and development, after-sales service system, which has continuously improved our brand awareness. Cruz pays attention to the establishment of brand and injects rich connotation into doors and windows. Starting from the most personalized home decoration market, Cruz has won a good brand image and a high reputation


editor: Cruise is very advanced in energy conservation and environmental protection. I think the development and growth of the company is inseparable from forward-looking, so what does president Li think of the general trend of the energy-saving door and window industry in the future

President Li: the energy-saving door and window industry will pay more attention to health, intelligence and human culture in the future. We Cruz people dare to innovate and explore, constantly carry out new research and development and try in combination with the market demand, constantly meet the market demand and lead the consumption trend of consumers. Cruise welcomes people from all walks of life to visit our factory and learn about the manufacturing process and production technology of energy-saving doors and windows. At the same time, he welcomes more friends with similar interests to create a great cause and achieve win-win results


editor: speaking of win-win, what advantages does cruise have to attract agents


president Li: the service quality of products is the emotional link to communicate with customers. Cruise leads the overall situation with service, sets the service goal as the end user, establishes and improves the service system and continues to improve in the implementation; Professional consultation before sales, inspection and measurement, and regular reminder and inspection after sales are the unique service contents of cruise

we broke the traditional concept of service object for the behavior of end users. The 400 after-sales service call responded to customers' needs within 24 hours, introducing service behavior to a new mileage

cruise now has hundreds of agents across the country. Their wealth creation experience also affects every cruise person, and also provides rich experience for channel development


experience of cruise

in order to ensure production efficiency and product precision, cruise introduced advanced door and window production lines in Germany and Italy and German special wood window cutters. With exquisite carving, excellent quality and nearly perfect products, it is an enterprise with great innovation ability and sustainable development potential in the same industry

in this era of competing for excellence in the door and window industry, with firm determination and a team that constantly pursues perfection, I believe that cruise will brave the torrent, fight bravely, and make further progress

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Harbin cruise door and window Co., Ltd.

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