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Beijing Holdings: Beiren Printing gas storage and transportation equipment business has a group of long-term customers

Beiren Printing (00187) announced the company's restructuring earlier. The company will replace all its assets and liabilities with the assets related to the gas storage and transportation equipment business held by Beijing Holdings. Upon completion, Beijing Holdings will become the controlling shareholder of Beiren Printing. The gas storage and transportation equipment business is in the charge of Haitian industry in the space field, where carbon fiber is largely utilized

renyaguang, chairman of Jingcheng holdings, said when introducing Haitian industrial business at the company's roadshow that in recent years, as more and more large and long-distance transport vehicles such as heavy trucks, buses and buses began to use LNG cryogenic bottles (LNG cryogenic bottles are more suitable for large and long-distance vehicles than CNG wrapped bottles), in 2014, the company actively expanded its production capacity to meet the strong demand of the market

at present, the company has reserved long-term orders from some energy and vehicle enterprise customers. At the same time, it has also participated in some city wide and substantive cross industry cooperation under the promotion of Beijing SASAC. It is expected to develop LNG cryogenic bottles into pillar product series like winding bottles within three years, and contribute higher profits by relying on its high gross profit margin

in the future (or three to five years to be clear), the company will vigorously develop tanks, vehicles, stations and other products. The company has accumulated years of technical reserves and talent reserves. At present, it has begun to sell LNG high-pressure direct injection HPDI tanks, LNG skid mounted gas stations, complete sets of equipment for gas stations and other products, and has formed a comprehensive capacity in technology and service support

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