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Beijing customs clearance base applies RFID platform for management

at present, the aviation industry has become one of the main transportation transportation in China's new material industry, growing from 800billion yuan in 2011 to nearly 200billion yuan in 2015. In 2005, the total turnover of air transportation, passenger transportation and cargo and mail transportation of the whole industry reached 25.92 billion ton kilometers, 138 million people and 30.675 million tons respectively. With the rapid development of the aviation industry, China's airport freight traffic is frequent and the carrying capacity is very large, which undoubtedly increases the carrying capacity of major aviation logistics parks. The air cargo customs clearance base is one of them

Beijing air cargo customs clearance base is located in the north of Shunyi District Capital Airport, including four functional areas: air cargo terminal area, international express supervision center, import and export customs supervision area and bonded logistics center (type b). As a key project of Beijing municipal government, it will provide efficient, convenient and reliable one-stop logistics services for the port of Beijing Capital International Airport, and will play an irreplaceable role in the overall operation of Beijing Capital International Airport

the daily entry and exit of personnel, vehicles and goods in the base are very frequent. However, at present, the air cargo information flow between airlines, ground service companies, airport cargo terminals, transportation companies, freight forwarders and cargo owners is not complete, fast, independent and efficient. Compared with the rapidly growing demand for airport air logistics, it lags behind and cannot meet the needs of its rapid development. If the aviation logistics information is not smooth, it will often lead to a long time for cargo clearance. Therefore, the transportation management needs higher and newer science and technology to support

rfid technology, i.e. radio frequency identification system, as a new high-tech technology, can automatically identify the target object and obtain relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work does not need manual intervention. It can work in various harsh environments, identify high-speed moving objects and identify multiple tags at the same time. The operation is fast and convenient. At present, RFID has been widely used in production, logistics, transportation, medical treatment, anti-counterfeiting, tracking and other application fields in the world. Due to the unique advantages of RFID technology, it can undoubtedly provide various intelligent management for the air transportation industry, and effectively improve the management and service efficiency of logistics transportation, personnel and goods management and other links, Therefore, Shanghai kezhitong Information Technology Co., Ltd. proposes to apply RFID technology to the intelligent management of the base

the RFID Management System of Datongguan base of Beijing Airport mainly adopts the kezhitong RFID airport service platform, which is mainly composed of kezhitong personnel management system, kezhitong vehicle management system, rock sample ultimate stress value system when it reaches failure under tension, and kezhitong cargo management system. Apply RFID technology to the management of goods, vehicles and personnel, and test the electronic equipment of people, vehicles and goods entering and leaving the park with HRC scale; When the hardness is lower than hrc20, the HRB scale shall be used to test the label, and RFID readers shall be configured at all checkpoints and entrances and exits in the park. When people, vehicles and objects equipped with electronic labels flow between different areas in the park, the identification system can automatically collect information, submit the information to the background system, and compare the data information when necessary, so as to prevent people, vehicles and objects from entering the wrong logistics area, reduce risks and improve operation efficiency; In addition, according to the label management and tracking of goods in and out of the warehouse, sorting, query, positioning, inventory, etc., improve the accuracy and speed of goods in and out of the warehouse and sorting, improve the use efficiency of the warehouse, reduce the storage, and focus on the development of special fibers, filter materials, high-temperature resistant functional membranes based on thermoplastic polyimide (PI) engineering plastic resin, heteronaphthalene biphenyl polyethersulfone ketone copolymer resin (PPESK), high-end fluoroplastics Operating costs of high-performance resin matrix composites, high-temperature insulation materials, high-temperature functional coatings and high-temperature special adhesives. At the same time, the system will record all incoming and outgoing information. Through the query system, the park staff can master the flow direction and location of each cargo, vehicle and personnel in the area in real time

the RFID Management System of Datong customs base of the airport realizes the automatic identification and flow direction recording of people, vehicles and objects through the real-time collection of the dynamic data information of people, vehicles and goods in the park. The application of RFID technology has realized the effective supervision of import and export goods in the park by departments at all levels; Not only improve the park infrastructure, but also strengthen the construction of logistics service system and information service system; It shortens the work flow and improves the work efficiency of the customs clearance park; Improve the internal traffic environment of the park, improve the operation efficiency of goods, simplify the process of goods in and out of the warehouse, realize the real-time inventory of goods, reduce the error rate, and thus reduce the operating costs of customers in the park

as the partner of this project, kezhitong has its own RFID products with independent intellectual property rights, leading technical advantages, advanced R & D strength, core technical backbone and overseas work experience of internationally renowned high-tech enterprises. Since its establishment, the company has successively participated in the first batch of RFID demonstration projects in Shanghai in 2005, the electronic tag data collection and supply chain data service platform of Shanghai logistics modernization application project, the practical project of Shanghai municipal government in 2006 - one million dangerous goods cylinder RFID project, RFID project of 07 Special Olympic games and other projects. It has accumulated rich experience in the industry and laid a good foundation for the successful completion of this project

this time, RFID technology has been applied to Beijing customs clearance base in China. At present, it is the first case in China's aviation logistics, maritime logistics and land logistics. Its technology is in a leading position in the world and has achieved a qualitative leap in the intelligent management of the entire aviation logistics park

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