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Introduction to Sany Red: many new products play the leading role. Sany has the most popular new products at the booth. In fact, the hardware conditions set up for the exhibition are not perfect, including the C8 pump truck integrated with Sino German technology, the new generation C9 excavator, the industry's first hybrid crane, natural gas mixer, bulldozer, 400 ton dynamic compactor and the world-renowned Sany parfiger

many new products play a leading role, and the booth has the most new products and the most popular.

"Sany's exhibition equipment includes C8 pump truck integrated with Sino German technology, a new generation of C9 excavator, the industry's first hybrid crane, natural gas mixer, bulldozer, 400 ton dynamic compactor, Sany parfiger truck crane and other new products." According to the exhibition personnel of Sany group, Sany brought 34 star products of 7 categories to the exhibition, of which nearly 1/4 were upgraded products or brand-new products, as well as a number of star products with the highest market share

from the king of sales C9 series excavator to the world's first hybrid crane, from the popular theme performance to the popular Sany, Sany has always been the most popular booth in Beijing Exhibition

among all the new products in the exhibition, Sany C9 excavator has become the "king of popularity" of the exhibition. Through the excavator themed performance integrating human-computer interaction performance, model walk show and magic show, the audience has seen the real "mechanical dance" and the superior performance of the C9 excavator, such as space walk, 360 degree rotation in place, tiptoe and so on. There are 4 theme performances every day, and the venues are full. It is in sharp contrast to the cold situation of other exhibitors

Sany launched the world's first hybrid stc750s truck crane and became a dazzling star. The special coating of blue and white is unique among the Sany equipment mainly in red and yellow. As outstanding as its appearance is its innovative many world leading patented technologies. It is reported that this hybrid crane has reduced the boarding operation cost by 45%, reduced the engine maintenance cost by 30%, increased the inching performance by 20%, reduced the operation noise by 45%, and comprehensively upgraded the economy, comfort and high reliability, creating a new era of green energy saving for cranes. At the new product launch site, many customers signed contracts with sanydang

during the adjustment period of the construction machinery industry, other exhibitors reduced their scale one after another. Sany not only released a number of new products, but also brought a number of star products with the highest market share under the "precautions for the use of impact machines", which were recognized by customers and the market. According to the comments of insiders, Sany has made a strong attack on the Beijing Exhibition. Sany has demonstrated its innovative strength and unquestionable leadership with practical actions, which also reflects the responsibility and responsibility of industry leaders

the aircraft carrier fleet jointly performed, and the first brand showed the king style

in this exhibition, the major business departments of Sany group, together with Putzmeister and the joint venture brand Sany parfiger, formed a super luxury lineup to jointly participate in the exhibition, which can be called the aircraft carrier fleet. It is reported that this is Sany's first appearance at the Beijing exhibition after its acquisition of Putzmeister and the establishment of a joint venture with parfiger, which fully demonstrates Sany's latest achievements in internationalization

the elephant carefully selected star products for the exhibition, including a 56 meter pump truck and a telescopic belt conveyor truck. The 56m pump truck is a product developed specially according to the working conditions in China and the usage habits of Chinese users after a lot of field research. In addition, integrating Chinese and German technologies, the C8 pump truck launched by SANY and Putzmeister is still one of the most dazzling stars of the exhibition. Since its launch, C8 pump truck has won strong repercussions in the market. In 2013, the sales of 27 new product launch conferences exceeded 5.2 billion yuan

parfiger is known as the world's first brand of truck mounted cranes, and pk16000 folding boom crane is a superstar among truck mounted cranes. From Shenzhou VI to Shenzhou x, the recovery of the spacecraft's return capsule was completed by this model. The 2013 Beijing exhibition is the first time that Sany and parfiger have participated in the exhibition since they established a joint venture. The new products of two truck mounted cranes have attracted a large number of customers

Putzmeister and parfiger, as the world's first brands of concrete machinery and truck mounted cranes, jointly brought star products to the Beijing Exhibition and fully demonstrated the quality of world-class products. At the exhibition site, elephant and parfiger's equipment stand next to each other, and complement each other with other three series of products. Customers can't help admiring when they enter this area

demonstrate the effectiveness of manufacturing reform and create the world's highest quality products

in addition to the daily work of the exhibition, the leaders of the group and its business divisions attending this Beijing exhibition also have an important task - to carry out on-site Lean quality review. The leaders of the group and each business division hold a pen in one hand and a review form in the other hand. While carefully examining the products of each department, they carefully record them, which has become a unique scenic spot in the exhibition

on the first day of the exhibition, tangxiuguo, President of Sany group, carefully reviewed Sany's products on the spot and visited the products of other exhibitors. According to tangxiuguo, President of Sany group, "how can we win a place in the field of world construction machinery? Sany's answer is to use the world's highest quality products. In addition, we also contribute a quality management idea to China to promote the progress of the industry and society."

in recent years, Sany has focused on creating products with absolute competitive advantages. Through manufacturing reform, Sany has implemented the Sany SPS lean manufacturing mode to continuously improve the company's ability to lengthen the plastic rope and win with products. In Ningxiang Crane Industrial Park, the first mature application of digital chemical plant, various new processes, new equipment and new technologies are incubated and promoted here; In Kunshan small excavation Industrial Park, Sany first realized the layout of component work center island; In the Lingang zhongdiao Industrial Park, the excavator assembly line realizes the offline of one vehicle in 10 minutes. The products of Sany are all from the assembly line of lean production of each business unit. The high-quality products not only lead the technology trend, but also have a soft and flowing appearance, and have won the affirmation of customers

in this exhibition, all the participating equipment of Sany showed the outstanding achievements of Sany manufacturing reform and lean with a new attitude and appearance. Jiang Zhichun, deputy general manager of Sany group and director of Lean quality headquarters, said: "Sany has established a very unique quality management system. We adopt the five step excellence method to plan the group's quality management through the five stages of quality management, provide users with products and services that exceed their expectations, and lead the development of the industry."

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