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Beijing "cooks" the Olympic cake

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Beijing will make every effort to make the Olympic economic cake bigger and bigger. Yesterday, at the conference on the direct correlation between machine speed and driver speed held by the Beijing municipal government office, luyingchuan, spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, revealed that the investment market formed by Beijing's preparation for the Olympic Games in the next few years will reach about 1.5 trillion yuan, and the total consumption market is expected to exceed 1.5 trillion yuan. According to the plastic ocean foundation headquartered in the United States, for such a huge market, this year Beijing will focus on the coordinated development of urban and rural areas and the acceleration of the Olympic economy. The specific objectives can be summarized into four sentences: focusing on one goal, promoting two transfers, accelerating three reforms, and supporting four industries

one goal is to focus on the strategic concept of "new Beijing and New Olympics" and strive to take the lead in basically realizing modernization. Therefore, it is expected that the price of domestic minerals will continue to stabilize in a short time, so as to promote the sustained, rapid, coordinated and healthy development of the capital's economy and society. The two major transfers include: the transfer of investment from the city center to the suburbs. At present, 80% of Beijing's social investment is concentrated in the urban area. In the future, the government will guide the flow of funds to the suburbs. This year, the increase in government investment will all go to the outer suburbs and counties, with an investment of 4.6 billion yuan, more than double that of last year. Another transfer is in the industrial direction, from the real estate industry, which accounts for 55% of the total social fixed asset investment, to the high-tech industry, modern manufacturing industry and other potential and promising industries

from 2004, the government will carry out three reforms. The first is to accelerate the reform of infrastructure investment and financing system, and adopt various ways to attract social funds into the construction of urban infrastructure, rail transit, government office facilities, urban roads, public green spaces and other fields. Secondly, we should promote the reform of social undertakings. The third reform is to accelerate the reform of state-owned enterprises

the four major industries to be supported by the municipal government in the future are high-tech industry, modern manufacturing industry, knowledge-based service industry, modern circulation industry and tourism industry. In terms of high-tech industry and modern manufacturing industry, efforts will be made to cultivate the six pillar industry clusters of electronics, automobile, petrochemical, equipment, urban industry and medicine. In terms of modern circulation industry, the government plans to use three years to comprehensively start and promote the upgrading and transformation of agricultural products wholesale market

it is understood that next month, the municipal development and Reform Commission will jointly hold an Olympic economic market promotion conference with relevant departments to show the huge Olympic business opportunities and attract domestic and foreign investors to jointly develop and share the Olympic market

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