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The Beijing Development Zone announced the action plan for tackling key problems in pollution control this year. The Beijing Development Zone recently announced the 2019 action plan for tackling key problems in pollution control in the Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as the plan), which covers 34 specific measures

according to the arrangement of the plan, the content covers seven aspects, and determines the annual improvement targets for the prevention and control of air, water and soil pollution in the Development Zone, such as spring steel. As the connection mode is fixed, the air quality target task is to maintain the 2.5 annual average concentration below 53 μ g/m3 when the PM experimental machine is damaged or can not work normally due to poor manufacturing and packaging quality, and the emission qualification rate of diesel vehicle supervision sampling test reaches more than 95%

it is reported that the key work of pollution prevention and control in the development zone this year will focus on strengthening the supervision of mobile sources, dust control and fixed sources. In terms of promoting low emissions from mobile sources, it is clearly required to strengthen the supervision of vehicle emissions. The Environmental Protection Bureau of the development zone plans to update the standing book of key units in the region in March, and carry out all vehicle inspection of national level IV and above in the standing book in the first half of the year. In terms of promoting the refinement of dust control, a quantitative evaluation mechanism for coarse particles was established, and the dust reduction was controlled within 6.5 tons/month square kilometers. Before the end of the year, the construction and Development Bureau will implement the standardized installation of monitoring equipment on various construction sites, access the monitoring platform, and share it with relevant industry directors and the platform of urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau

in order to implement the requirements of the plan, the relevant person in charge of the Management Committee of the Development Zone said that in the near future, the development zone will launch a 20 day special rectification of the atmospheric environment, gradually implement the work objectives, ensure that the tasks can be quantified and assessed, and ensure the improvement of the environmental quality of the whole region

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