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Beijing Hollysys had no choice but to find other ways. As a leading enterprise in independent research and development in the field of motion control, Beijing Hollysys Motor Technology Co., Ltd. increased its sales again in the first half of 2009. The project not only made up for the gap in the utilization of aluminum alloy chassis, but also grew against the trend in the shadow of the economic crisis and continued to open up new business areas

in July, 2009, the total sales volume of Hollysys Motor Co., Ltd. reached the highest monthly sales volume over the years again. The sales volume of the company's own brand - "senchuang" series products increased sharply, and the sales volume of its advantageous products - stepping, servo and brushless motor drives increased significantly, reaching the best level in history

leaders of Hollysys Electric Co., Ltd. believe that the economic crisis is both a "threat" and an "opportunity" for the company before the experiment: when the sales volume of large enterprises drops, they can spare energy to focus on the upgrading of equipment, so as to reserve strength to meet the next round of growth; Small and medium-sized enterprises are facing transformation and upgrading to increase the added value of products to increase profits; At the same time, the new direction of more emerging industries and traditional industries paves a broader road for the development of automation

Hollysys motor timely analyzed the market, seized the opportunity, and launched a series of self-developed new products to the domestic market in the first half of the year to adapt to customers in different industries. At the same time, it paid attention to tapping the potential of traditional application industries, complied with and guided the market, gave full play to its own technical advantages, and provided customers with fast and high-quality services, thus winning the trust and dependence of customers. In the bleak automation industry, Hollysys motor holds high the banner of independent research and development, opening up a new direction for the company in the field of motion control

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